Holidays After Infidelity

July 2014

First, I want to say we had a great time at the Grand Canyon and Four Corners. The day before he left to go back we had neighbors over to celebrate our son’s birthday and we lit fireworks because neither of them would be here over the 4th.

And that brings me to my next point. I had totally forgotten about the 4th of July. As we were letting off fireworks and my neighbors were telling me what a good time they were having and he’s kissing me and I’m thinking about what a great evening it is I suddenly realize that last year we were setting off fireworks. Last year I thought we were having a good time. And it turns out the entire time he was fucking around with Harley. Thankfully it was only a fleeting thought and I chose not to dwell on it.

If I let it his little emotional affair with his unscrupulous whore could easily ruin my entire summer. It could ruin both of my kids’ birthdays. It could ruin 4th of July, Memorial Day weekend, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day. Honestly, I could write off the entire summer as one big waste, one big constant trigger. But I won’t. I’m not letting his whore take another thing from me. Fuck you, Harley!

2 thoughts on “Holidays After Infidelity

  1. Ugh, so sorry. I understand. You can’t let him take another thing! It is easier to say than do, I know. I tell me self constantly things WILL be better one day and most days they are. I hate these idiots for doing this to us, doing this to our families.

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