More Victim Morphing From a Pro

Blast From the Past 57

July 2014

Ok, this is getting old. He continues to say he can’t have a relationship with his family because I don’t like them. He doesn’t want to drive a wedge between us. I’ve told him I don’t care if he has a relationship with them. I expect him to. But dammit, I am not going to be guilted into reconciling with any of them. And for the record it has nothing to do with liking them or not. They sided with the whore. They knew he cheated on me with her and they chose to continue a relationship with her. I have no use for them because they have no respect for me. Ultimately, if he chooses to have no relationship with them that’s on him. I am not preventing it. I am not discouraging it. I am encouraging it. I’ve done all I can do.

Present Day Sam Says: I’m not sure if running with this whole, “I can’t have a relationship with them if you don’t have one, too,” would have helped or not. My best guess is that if I had went along with him not having a relationship with his family he would have sought them out later on anyway. It was just his way of trying to guilt me into doing what he wanted me to do.

I could get all philosophical and say that the moment when I stopped playing along and instead held my ground is when he finally realized he couldn’t manipulate me into doing what he wanted so he needed to replace me. It doesn’t matter. I know I’ve said that before but really, it doesn’t matter. He made his choices. I don’t think there’s anything I could have done that would have affected the outcome of this.

I do know that him continuing to have a relationship with his family while I did not was definitely not good for us as a couple. I doubt they would have had any loyalty to me regardless (look at how they rallied around Harley the first time around) but it was certainly easier to manipulate an us against her campaign this way.


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