She Made It!!!

It turns out the coach had called my number last night. She said she had left a message but my phone apparently didn’t record it somehow. I remember seeing the call come in. I didn’t know who it was and figured if it wasn’t a sales call they would leave a message. Tonight she called back and did indeed leave a message. My awesome kid made the team!

So now of course I feel like an idiot. I’m sure those of you with kids know what’s it like though. Heap as much abuse on me as you want but leave my kids alone.

Now I can go in for my interview with a real smile on my face since I won’t be lamenting Rock Star’s misfortune.


8 thoughts on “She Made It!!!

  1. Congrats to you and your Rock Star! I haven’t read anything about a try out or the wait (if, in fact you blogged about it) but I do know from my two daughters who played soccer, try-outs no matter what, were a nail biter! Hated waiting for the phone call probably more than they did. The politics that can go into kids sports…. worthy of an entire blog itself! Enjoy the season 😀


    1. I think I gave a one line mention to the fact we had talked her into trying out. It was buried under a lot of other stuff because I didn’t want to jinx it.

      Thanks! I’m so happy for her.


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