It’s Meme Time!

Buckle up, folks! I’ve created a ton of new memes. I’m not going to lay them all on you tonight because I think there would be far too many.

As you know I’m quite the loyal Chump Lady reader. I especially like reading the comments and most of these memes have been taken from the comments that I thought were either really funny, or really profound. Not all of them came from Chump Lady but most of them did.

Tonight I’m just going to do the ones that made me laugh. You ready? Let’s go!


The original quote was: I’m not Jesus so I don’t have to forgive anyone. My ex can just kiss my ass. I tweaked it a little bit.
















Oh CF, you may pout and stomp your feet but you know it’s true!



I have had to tell myself this A LOT recently.


Oh come on! I don’t even have my CDL license!


Yep, Harley has a Masters. She’s still a low class whore.




As Chump Lady always says, “It’s not a time management problem!”



I forgot exactly what was being talked about here but there were a ton of one-liners like this one. Some days you just need a dose of dark humor. Plus it doesn’t have any calories, unlike dark chocolate.


I love that line.




I love that term! I’m pretty sure this one came from Chump Princess. I’m not sure if she still posts over there or not. She also came up with another one of my favorites: that flaming turd shot straight from Satan’s ass.


Have a great night (or what’s left of it!)!



5 thoughts on “It’s Meme Time!

  1. Masters in what? I’m very curious. Mow just has a pile of certificates after her bachelors. All in social work. Cuz she’s all about helping and healing people. It’s just paperwork to justify the fact that they’re fucked up.


  2. The field of social work (which includes speech pathology) has a lot of amazingly selfless educated good people. It also attracts people who surround themselves with those who have big problems. That way, they’re always the most together person in the room. It’s a super effective way to rug sweep ones issues, bring home a pay check, and go to conferences so you can fuck your boss on the company nickel. She spent a lot of time talking about what good people she and wh were – I guess she wiped her chin while on her knees in her reinforced cargo pants and said ‘this doesn’t make us bad people, you know.” This is not a hot 20 yr old, but a 50 yr old woman with a husband and 4 kids. Blech.

    We had a cleaning lady who used to say “if you have to say you is, you ain’t.” Wise woman.


    1. That is wise indeed!

      Harley works as a speech pathologist/therapist/something like that. At one point she worked with the elderly. I’m not sure what she does now, aside from blowing her cousin.

      The OW in your case sounds disgusting. I don’t know how people can do this. I couldn’t look at my kids if I was fucking around on their father. I couldn’t look at the man’s kids if I was having an affair with him. “Hi! I’m Sam and I’m a home wrecker! How are you, sweetie? Do you want to go out and get mani/pedis before I come on back and crawl into bed with your daddy?” Just. No.


      1. Yeezus what is it with all the blow jobs? They’re the currency in these affairs. My shrink was like “is she in high school?!?” She’d blow him at work then go home and kiss her kids. My husband’s an ass.

        Her standards were low enough that he could be totally selfish and be applauded. My fucking mother in law is completely to blame.

        He did tell me that she brought nothing good out of him, no challenge, no respect, nothing of excellence. That my presence in his life made him want to be better for 25 yrs. again, he’s an ass.


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