That Time I Threw a Hissy Fit


July 2014

Today while the movers were here I got an email from my husband, needing me to print off a POA, get it notorized, scan and email it, and then FedEx it to him. I do all of this. In the middle of moving. Soon after I get home he texts me and tells me the POA has his name spelled wrong and the easiest thing to do is to take my name off the deed and add it back on later. I start to flip out. I ask him if he’s planning on divorcing me once I get out there. He freaks out, tells me no way and that he’s crying now, he’s so upset. I finally tell him the only reason I’m asking is because I know what the master plan was and that just as we bought a house she who shall not be named looked to be separating from or divorcing her husband. He told me he had no idea what was going on with “that person” and that he could give less than a fuck. He later mentioned that he constantly worries that I’m going to leave him. In the end I suppose I got the reaction I wanted. If he’s acting he is a very good actor and “that person” has coached him well.

Present Day Sam Says:  THANK GOD I threw that fit!  If I hadn’t I would have been fucked.  I don’t know up from down anymore so I don’t know if he was in communication with Harley at this time or not but again, thank God I had the good sense to put my foot down instead of worrying about his precious fee fees.  My guess is if I hadn’t been on the deed from the beginning it would have been one of those things that we never fixed and I would now be shit out of luck.  I only had a few good months after we moved here before he began spiraling out of control anyway.

One thought on “That Time I Threw a Hissy Fit

  1. I call those “dodge a bullet” moments which I have had a fuckton of since the Fixitguy died. Count yourself lucky. Make an imaginary count with your finger on your imaginary chalkboard and move along.


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