My Sweet J

The last time I wrote I was feeling pretty low. Jackass and his piss poor behavior resulted in some unforeseen credit issues for me and I was wondering what on earth I was going to do. Then on Friday afternoon, right before I was set to take Rock Star to work, I get a phone call from my friend J. We’ve been friends since we were 16 years old and sophomores in high school. She worked for her uncle and would walk to work after school. I had to walk home and one day, I’m not even sure how it happened, we ended up walking part of the way together. There were times we were having such a great conversation that I would walk her almost all the way to work and then I would backtrack and head on home.

I still remember our first outing together as friends. We went to see “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” with Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt and then played miniature golf. I don’t remember if we went out to eat beforehand or not.

She has been very good about keeping in contact with me since I’ve been home. She’ll call sometimes just to check up on me. A few weeks ago she called in the evening and asked me to go to the casinos with her. She even offered up money for me to play. She just wanted someone to go with her because she likes going and no one else wants to go.

Anyway, on Friday she called me, asked me what I had going on that night. Well, that’s easy! Nothing! I never have anything going on. She asked if she could take me out to dinner. Sure! She asked me where I wanted to go and started naming off restaurants. Now see, since she’s treating I would offered up something like McDonald’s, maybe Chili’s if I got really bold. No, she goes right to steak houses and other fantastic places.

“You’d really buy me a steak dinner? Oh J, you’re going to make me cry after the past 24 hours I’ve had!”

She replied that of course she would buy me a steak dinner and then asked what had been going on. After I told her she was appropriately outraged.

So, she picked me up, told me to pick two of the four lottery tickets she had just purchased, and off we went! I didn’t win any money but I’ve already won much more having a friend like J in my life.


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