Bitch Be Crazy (But Still Snares a Married Man!)

There are times in my life I think I am undateable. Seriously! I didn’t have a serious boyfriend for five years between the time I broke up with my last one and met the shit eating chimp. For some reason I never think about my dating track record before the last serious boyfriend. I actually did okay then. I didn’t pick the best guys but I generally had a boyfriend. Then I hit 21, broke up with D and never had another serious boyfriend until I met Zack five years later. It was the same month even. Oh, I went out with guys but it usually lasted about a month and was never an exclusive type of thing.

Then I watch ID TV and I see something like I did the other night. Meet Tracie Andrews. She was featured on a segment called, “Deadly Women”. That bitch be crazy! This show has an FBI profiler that talks about the various murderers. Tracie was classified as a narcissist who would fly into a rage whenever her boyfriend du jour didn’t have his attention focused 100% on her. I’m talking trying-to-stab-him-with-whatever-object-she-could-find rage.

She gets engaged despite these rages! It wasn’t like her fiancé didn’t know she was crazy and violent. Oh no! He knew. She had slashed his face with a beer bottle. She was restrained from stabbing him another time. STILL the man continues to date her. One day they get into a fight, he exits the car, and as his back is turned she stabs him over forty times! She goes to prison for a mere fourteen years (this was in Australia).

Now, because I’m nosy I wanted to know what this crazy bitch was up to. Turns out she’s engaged. To the married man she worked with at a bar. Who left his SANE wife to be with crazy bitch.

WTF? I haven’t even had another man flirt with me in years. The future is not looking any brighter, and I haven’t killed anyone! Not only does she kill her fiancé, go to prison, and then get engaged after she gets out, she has an affair with a married man and he leaves his wife for her!

I would say, “Oh, that poor sap,” but the reality is I don’t feel sorry for him at all. According to the articles I could find (and true, they were very gossipy) he was intrigued by this murderess. He knows what she’s done and he doesn’t care. He left a wife and four kids to hook up with this crazy bitch. Narcissists don’t change. She has, in the past, demanded all attention be on her. He’ll be lucky if he makes it to their five year anniversary. She’ll probably fly into a jealous rage way before then and stab him. After all, he has an ex-wife and four kids. At some point he’s going to have to deal with one or more of those five people and it’s going to set dear Tracie off. She’ll smash a beer bottle and go after him, or take a knife and plunge it into his back when his back is turned.

Then she’ll go to prison a second time and once she gets out I’m sure she’ll find yet another idiot willing to take a chance on her, convinced that he’s “the one”, her “soul mate”, and that only he understands her and can love her the way she needs to be loved.

And here I sit, writing a blog and playing Candy Crush. I have convinced myself I am not dating material because I’m middle aged, living with my mom, soon to be divorced with 2 teens and no decent job. The bitch KILLED A MAN and it didn’t stop her from finding someone new! I’m not sure if I need to re-evaluate my own desirability or if I just need to go out and stab someone! Bitch might be crazy but men seem to like crazy bitches!

21 thoughts on “Bitch Be Crazy (But Still Snares a Married Man!)

  1. 😂😂 I watched the show also. The profiler said that the only reason she got away with treating men like that (the abuse, not the murder) was because she was beautiful and solved everything by being very good in bed. I suspect she’s right. “If she didn’t no one would put with her” she concluded. Over at TLC’s “90 day Fiancé” there’s a similar situation. “Jorge” is madly in love with Russian “Anfisa”, who treats him worse than mud on the bottom of her designer shoe. Truly horrible shit she does to him, including confessing she’s with him for the money. Scratched his Escalade with the word “idiot” on the driver side door. “You wouldn’t date me if I was ugly” she said to him once. SHE IS RIGHT. Their scenes make me cringe. I used to feel bad for him, but why? As long as she makes him look good down the street (he’s obsessed with her) that’s all that matters.

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    1. Seriously! At some point you just start to feel like, “Hey, if you’re dumb enough to put up with it….” I’m sure it goes the other way, too, but being female it astounds me how often men put up with some truly horrible behavior because the woman is pretty or strokes his ego or is good in bed. I wouldn’t dream of treating someone like that and here I sit, while others, like Harley and Jezebel, have men falling all over themselves trying to impress them.

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      1. My father was the “man of the house” when he was married to my mom. She divorced him (and there were 6 of us kids!) because one day she just had it and didn’t even want to go to counseling or speak to the priest (both families were very catholic). Guess what? He remarried 3 years later to a younger wife (13 yr difference) and he has never been boss again. LIFE IS FUNNY. 🙈

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    2. Yesterday, for the first time, I watched a few episodes of “90 Day Fiancé” and you are so right! Anfisa is a piece of work. And I just want to shake Jorge. I guess he’s insecure because he’s overweight but he’s still attractive?! Even with his three sisters trying to set-him straight, the worse she treats him the more he wants to be the one she chooses.

      I have to check out more crime shows 😎


      1. Yes you are so right! he is attractive and so sweet! He was sweating bullets when she tried on the $45,000 dress and wanted the $75,000 ring. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.😂
        She’s a piece o’ work. I think she’s gonna dump him sooner rather than later. The last couple of episodes he looks absolutely shellshocked, her bad behavior has escalated beyond belief😱 I confess: I’m addicted to the ID Channel!!!

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  2. You are spot on about crazy bitches and it makes me laugh while frowning 😂😣 They can have the messiest most psychologically unstable brains but as long as they’re cute with a nice fake rack, well, no worries then…the strong man will make everything better… Hurl.

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    1. I was watching one today while I was proofing my post. I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to it but the main gist was the woman was trying to find a man to kill her boyfriend. She’s laughing about it. Goes to jail and has the lady balls to call her boyfriend and demand he get a lawyer for her! She tells him it was all a joke. Hahahahaha. A few months later he decides that yes, it was probably just a joke and she didn’t mean anything by it. Fortunately, a judge didn’t buy her sorry tale and she’s sitting in prison today.


      1. I tried to post a gif and then a link and couldn’t. 😔 It’s a classic scene where he’d be drinking a cup of coffee, someone would say something outrageous and he would spit it out, eyes wide open😂 “the Danny Thomas Spit”, he was famous for it. Great comedian, incredible human being (St. Jude Children’s Hospital)


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