He Doesn’t Look Unhappy

Ugg! Cousinfucker’s profile picture popped up on my mom’s Facebook feed as “someone she might know”. Oh she knows that piece of shit all right!

Even better? His new profile picture is a picture of him and the whore together. Isn’t that sweet? I don’t even want that waste of skin but it still boggles the mind! Who does that? He’s not even divorced and he’s got a picture of the two of them up on Facebook, showing her off to the world. Hey! Look at me and my whore! Yeah, I’m married; I’ve abandoned my kids. No biggie! I’m happy and that’s what matters! It makes me sick to my stomach. I’m thankful Picasso doesn’t have Facebook and that Rock Star has him blocked. Otherwise they would both be subjected to that bullshit and Rock Star would be going off once again.

You know what else pisses me off? I set up his Facebook account for him. He had it for over a year before deactivating it. Never once did he have a picture of the two of us up. I was married to that shit eating chimp for twenty years and he never bothered to put a picture of ME up; he fucks this whore for a year and she’s part of his profile picture.

I realize it sounds petty but it’s those small things that chip away at your self-confidence. It’s having his family always commenting on the whore’s profile pictures, telling her how pretty she is, how beautiful she is (she isn’t), and then not saying anything to me or making an off-hand comment. She got: You’re sooooooo pretty. I got: That hairstyle is becoming on you. Wow. Thanks. It’s him never commenting on anything I said and never posting pictures of me, but then interacting with her and posing for pictures with her. When asked about that his excuse was, “But I see you at home every day.”

Regardless, Cousinfucker does not look unhappy. He doesn’t look like he’s crying every day, which is what he told our daughter at one point. He doesn’t look like he’s suffering from PTSD. He looks fine. He looks like he should be getting his ass to work and paying me what he owes me! Otherwise, the next profile picture he’s going to be putting up is his mugshot!

14 thoughts on “He Doesn’t Look Unhappy

      1. I was thinking it too. Take screen shots of all his “not disabled” pictures and keep them filed for he day you need them. Take them of his comments too.


      2. My old self would have an evil plan and set up a fake account, female of course, put up some fake hot girl pictures and ask him to be your friend. The picture could be faceless. You know back shots or even animation. They’re idiots remember. I did that to the girl my husband cheated with. I joined her groups, said I graduated from her high school etc and cloned her basically. She fell for it briefly. It would’ve lasted longer if I would’ve kept my mouth shut, but I saw too much stuff that pissed me off. I needed evidence so that’s how I got it. It was pretty funny though. She wasn’t not interesting at all.

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  1. I feel that my husbands excessive interest in social media was sort of the beginning of the end for us. He started caring so much about how many likes he was getting. He at least is being discrete about his new “family” but she sure as hell isn’t. Skank!


    1. That’s how CF and Harley “met up” again. No contact in 18 years and then me, being a dumbass, I set up a FB page for him. Within a year they were corresponding and in love.

      Your husband’s skank is definitely a skank. No shame at all. I think that’s typical of OW.


  2. What a fucker. My ex did the exact same thing. Never once did he post pictures of us in Facebook. For the 5 years we were together, he barely even told his friends he had a common-law partner (who was supporting him, btw). After I caught the fucker cheating; I kicked him out. He met a girl last November, got her pregnant, and post fucking “look how beautiful” pictures of her and them all over Facebook. ASSHOLES. Sorry for the rant; your post resonated with me today.


      1. Facebook is image crafting. It’s the rose colored version of life. I had a friend who posted manic “look how happy we are!” photos presumably to bury the knowledge that she was living in dante’s inferno.
        Less than a year later she was divorced:(

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  3. just remember it’s really FAKEbook – appearances are usually deceiving BUT my biggest mind boggle regarding this is that they aren’t ashamed to be committing incest??????????????you would think they would be a little more discreet – I mean a guy with the same last name as me wanted to take me out and even though as far as I know we are not related I still felt weird and didn’t go out with him lol and I know his immediate family is ok with it but what about everyone else???? doesn’t anyone think it’s creepy? if I were you I’d totally send them these t-shirt anonymously lol



    I’m from WV so I can post these lol


    1. I liked the one that said, “I met my husband at a family reunion.” I should totally buy that for Harley. I wonder if they have a wife version.

      Funny story. I have a cousin who married a guy with the same last name as her. Even better, his first name is the same as one of her brother’s!


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