Reaching Out, Part 2

I said yesterday that the only person to reach out had been the cousin. That’s not entirely true.

The sister-in-law that I put on restricted did send me a message a few months ago saying hello and asking how everything was going, but I dismissed it.

She had sent me a message last August, 3 days after I found out that Cousinfucker had been having an affair. I knew at that point he had brought the whore with him to the funeral so she would have seen him with her. I would hope at that point she would ask where the kids and I were! She asked me how the pool water was feeling and asked about the kids. I didn’t reply because as I said, I figured she already knew about Cousinfucker and the whore so why on earth was she asking these questions? I’m not enjoying my pool at all! My husband is having yet another affair with Harley. My life, and the lives of my kids, have been thrown into turmoil. I’m headed for divorce with a mortgage that we’ve had less than a year, a car loan that we’ve had less than a year, a pool that had been filled for 6 days and still wasn’t paid off, and a house full of brand new furniture that I’m going to have to get rid of. How do you think I’m doing?

About a month later she messaged me again, letting me know she wanted to buy fundraiser shirts from Rock Star. We exchanged a little bit of chit chat, including I love you’s. She and her husband have both been having some significant health problems so I asked about that and she told me all that was going on with them.

Another two weeks later I let her know the shirts hadn’t come in yet and asked how they were doing. He had had to have some surgery. We talked about that and I sympathized over everything they were going through. She asked how we were all doing and how our new state was. She made another mention of the pool. Again, we exchanged I love you’s and there was never a mention about Cousinfucker and the fact that he was in fact fucking his cousin.

About a month later, in November, I sent her a message double checking on her address because her shirts had come in and I was mailing them. I never heard back from her until early this September when she said hello and asked how we were all doing. She’s friends with the whore on Facebook. She’s friends with Cousinfucker who has a picture of him and the whore as his profile picture. She knows what Cousinfucker is doing. How does she think we are all doing? We’ve been forced out of our home and had to relocate yet again! He’s a deadbeat that isn’t paying even his court ordered child support! I wouldn’t go so far as to suggest that she’s digging for dirt for him. I don’t think she’s that kind of person. But anyone that can substitute that fucking whore for me and my kids is not someone I can count on as being in my corner.


4 thoughts on “Reaching Out, Part 2

  1. She may be in your side, just afraid of how to approach it. The pool question seem like something she nervously puts out there. I’d kill her with kindness. When she asks about how your doing tell her that it’s hard to accept that your ex has basically given up his job as a father and as a provider for his children. That he’ll have to live with it for the rest of his life. That you are pushing through and the kids are too and that they will be fine because luckily, they have you. Maybe she’ll tell you what an ass he is it maybe you’ll leave the conversation with your head held high. You’re so much better than that fucked up douchebag…bad language was needed, sorry 🙂. You give me strength. Never doubt how awesome you are!!!


      1. They weren’t. After the first EA I did some sleuthing. Harley was very deliberate in friending many people on CF’s mom’s and stepdad’s side. She also amped up her comments to all of them after he supposedly called things off.

        Later I began noticing her friending other relatives. After the funeral he took her to she began friending people on his dad’s side. She’s a fake and a predator.


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