A Bunch of Posts With No Pictures

Sorry, I’m still not ready to post pictures of my life quite yet. There are quite a few references to pictures here that don’t exist. Actually, they exist; I’m just not showing them.

July 2014

This is the new corridor that opened a little over a year ago. I have spent many hours driving up and down it when I have been upset.

Present Day Sam Says: Obviously there was a picture here of the new corridor.

July 2014

Ok, this is just a weird, makes you wonder, kinda thing. I got a friend request from someone I don’t know. I’m not quite sure how I know she knows my SIL. It’s apparent now, of course, because once you have a name and then see it around you say, “Oh, that’s where she’s from!” But here’s the weird thing. I said I wasn’t sure how I knew in the beginning they were friends. That would be because I’m not friends with my SIL so she wouldn’t have shown up as a mutual friend. And that takes a lot of possibilities as to why she sent a request to me off the table. A person who regularly makes a friend request based off of a friend’s friends list? Not possible. I’m not on the list and haven’t been for almost a year. Accidentally hit my name when she was intending to hit someone else’s? Again, not possible because my name’s not on the list. Hell, maybe she’s friends with the whore, too. Although this page is open to the public (mostly) and so much juicier than my regular page. She wouldn’t need to stalk me on that to give anyone information. This one gives plenty.

So I’m left wondering how on earth she ever thought to make a friend request. I’m just not visible. At least not through my SIL.

August 2014

Not the best picture, but this is where he would go on weekends so he could text his whore. I thought he was just drinking coffee. Thank God I never asked if he wanted to me join him. I’m sure the answer would have been no (lots of important texting and exchanging of the “I love you’s” and planning for their future and my presence would have cramped their style) and I would have been mortified once I found out the truth.

Present Day Sam Says: Again, there was a picture here but I’m not going to show it.

August 2014

Always new fun things. We think there is something wrong with the A/C. He was in major panic attack mode Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. Good times. Oh, Harley, look what you missed out on. I’m telling you she never would have been able to handle it. She thought she was getting good times. She was the answer to his prayers and he to hers. Oh, honey…

Don’t get me wrong. I love him. I’ve been doing this for 20 years. But I was under no illusions that I had found my soul mate, my one true love, my very best friend and together we would ride off into the sunset and never have a moments unhappiness. She was, and she would have been bitterly disappointed.

Present Day Sam Says: Yeah, the clues were here all along. Already falling apart and we had been in our new house only a few weeks at this point. Things were only going to get worse.

I should have let her have him before we ever moved.

August 2014

The new car my husband bought me. I’m loving it!

Present Day Sam Says: Guess who gets to make the car payment now? And with no  spousal support either!

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