Oh, Tammy Faye…

I found out this morning that Pastor Fake tagged my daughter in her father’s pathetic Thanksgiving message post. She in turn showed her brother. Neither were impressed. Neither replied. I have to admit sometimes I wish one of them would.

Then I find out that good ol’ Tammy Faye wrote her own Thanksgiving missive. She misses her and she wishes she could see them.

Oh, Tammy Faye, you chose your son and the whore and her kids months ago. Nay, over a year ago! You encouraged that dick sucking slut to call him in the hopes of rekindling their affair. You blew your grandchildren’s lives apart. And now you’re bemoaning the fact that you don’t see them? You are such a stupid bitch.

Did it never occur to you that you saw your grandchildren because I went the extra mile in making sure you saw them? Did you forget all the times I drove cross country to bring them to you while your son stayed at home? Or the times I would drive another 6 hours after driving to my own mother’s house because you couldn’t be bothered to meet halfway or come on up to see them? Your son chose the whore over you seeing your grandkids last summer when he refused to take either of them with him when he went to his cousin’s funeral. Your son can’t be bothered to come pick them up and take them to see you. Frankly, neither of them want anything to do with him or with you or anyone in your fucked up family. You are all liars. You are the reason people turn away from Christianity. You clutch your pearls at the thought of a woman having an abortion or someone saying, “Fuck!”, or people drinking but you have no problem with either of your kids cheating on their spouses. In fact, you welcome the interlopers with open arms. In my case you never stopped communicating with her even when he supposedly wanted his wife and kids. Pastor Fake liked the whore’s FB status where she bemoaned missing her married lover in her bed. Hey, what would Jesus do?

Do you honestly think I’m going to drive down and bring the kids to you? Look you crazy bitch, you used up every favor when you stuck your nose in my life and helped destroy it. If you want to see your grandkids your son needs to step up his game and come get them. Of course, in order for them to agree to get in the car they would have to talk to him and that would require effort on his part which won’t ever happen. It would also be very difficult for him to keep the whore and her kids away from them seeing as how he lives with the cunt. I’m not really sure how you think your holiday with them would go seeing as how they both refuse to be around Harley the Whore or her kids; I have a feeling you would be crying even harder if she and her kids weren’t sitting around your dinner table as well. And the reality is neither of those kids believe a single word that you, Pastor Fake, Jezebel, or their father has to say. You’ve all burned that bridge with your own actions. Stop playing the damn victim. Own your behavior. And for the love of God please stop publicly declaring your fake love all over Facebook! There’s going to come a day when Cousinfucker and I are divorced and I will no longer have to watch my Ps and Qs. When that day comes I’m going to unleash on your ass and tell you exactly what I think of you and your pathetic declarations. I know you prefer to carry your Bible as opposed to actually reading it but even Jesus finally got fed up and let his righteous anger fly.

5 thoughts on “Oh, Tammy Faye…

  1. They are on a roll!

    “Pastor Fake liked the whore’s FB status where she bemoaned missing her married lover in her bed.” Nothing is more despicable than a Jesus-Cheater. My friend dealt with that and it’s so hard trying to escape the hypocritical reinterpretations railing against everything they seem to secretly practice.

    “Did it never occur to you that you saw your grandchildren because I went the extra mile in making sure you saw them?” Short answer? No. Probably not.

    I also will smile for you when you are able to honestly reply to the ex. Please don’t pain shop on Facebook too much in the meantime though. Hugs.


    1. Despite the last few days I really don’t do a lot of pain shopping. I stay off of both of their pages but CF popped up as someone my mom might know and she was so shocked she mentioned it to me and showed me the picture of the two of them. From there it snowballed because various people would tell me things, and then our mutual friend sent me the FB posting from CF.

      It’s a catch-22 because on the one hand I don’t want to know anything about either of them, but on the other hand they’re so stupid they post a lot of incriminating crap which would be handy for my case!


  2. i’m with blond bomber – I can’t believe these idiots have the audacity to post this shit for real – they really must be lacking any emotional intelligence

    also I think your lawyer needs to add some kind of clause to your divorce that if AFTER the divorce is final your ex returns to his previous standard of living then alimony and child support retroactively kick in for however long it should have been if he had been working at a job he was capable of – kind of insurance against him pretending to be ill to get out of it and then magically after divorce is finaly he is healed


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