More Money Blues

How much is this fucking divorce going to end up costing me? For crying out loud, it’s not like we have millions in assets to divide up! It’s not like we even have hundreds of thousands of dollars to divide up. And yet I am already $6000 into it and my lawyer needs another $3000 before Christmas. Hooray!

Do you have any idea what six thousand dollars has bought me so far? It paid for divorce papers to be filed on the grounds of adultery, with the shit eating chimp “demurring” on those charges”. I later found out my attorney didn’t write it up correctly so at any point CF could deny those charges and then he wouldn’t be ordered to pay me a cent until a year had passed (which is no longer a worry seeing as how it’s been a year). It got me a downsized temporary settlement offer that was followed for a whopping five months. That was also written incorrectly so now I pay taxes on the entire alimony amount as opposed to part of it being written in as marital debt. I think we can safely say that the first $3000 was completely wasted. The next $3000 has bought me…. nothing really. It’s not to say that my lawyer isn’t working for her money. It’s just that I’m a freaking year into this shit and I’m no closer to a divorce than I was over a year ago. My money has been spent on crap like reminding him to pay off the pool, to pay my half of the bonus check, to ask him to get my damn support check to me on time, to argue about the $5000 I already paid to the pool contractor. It’s also been spent trying to figure out what the hell is going on with him after he abruptly quit his second job. It’s been spent drafting interrogatories, going to court for a show-cause hearing, and filing motions to prevent him from draining his 401k (if he hasn’t already done so). Oh, and emails. I’ve undoubtedly spent a shit ton of money on emails! It’s all bullshit and I still don’t have a settlement or a finalized divorce.

The sad part is since we have to go to court in February I’m sure a huge chunk of that $3000 is going to be spent on that. I can’t keep coming up with $3000 retainers. He has ruined my credit so I don’t have any credit cards to put it on. Because he hasn’t paid child or spousal support in 6 months I have drained any and all savings I had. Unlike him, I didn’t get to blow my share of the bonus check on spring break in Daytona with my fake family. I got to use mine to pay utilities and feed my kids.

My attorney is going to ask for my legal fees to be paid for by him. With his recent employment woes I’m not sure how that’s going to play out. I figure I’m going to end up getting screwed out of everything so I’m not banking on getting that money back.

Argh! This is so frustrating! Anybody want to start a pool on how much this divorce is ultimately going to cost me? I’m shaking my damn head. No one should be paying around $10,000 for a divorce when there is NOTHING left to fight over.

9 thoughts on “More Money Blues

  1. This stuff right here is where I have no positive feelings. I had to pay a $10,000 retainer and I spent way more over than. All of that money I’ll never get back. None of it. I wish I hadn’t ever even gone there. So much time and money wasted in signed agreements, under oath that I’m the only one going by. He does what he wants and I’m too over it to keep fighting.
    I’m sorry. This part just sucks.

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    1. You are so right. Even if the judge sides with me what’s to say CF will actually pay what he’s ordered to pay. I’ll just have to keep going to court. Or, if the judge doesn’t believe his claims of PTSD I suppose he’ll get thrown in jail. That still doesn’t help. I guess if I get a judgement against him then I can confiscate his tax return and possibly garnish any wages he makes. It just sucks. If it’s not bad enough that he’s abandoned his kids financially now I’m being expected to come up with $3000 not for their care but to pay a lawyer.

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  2. ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is so wrong on so many levels – if he would just do the right thing you guys wouldn’t have to even have lawyers but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO he’d rather waste this money trying to stop paying you instead of just paying it to you smh

    funny story – yesterday I saw a sign for a garage sale which is weird since it’s so cold here (down in the upper 30s to lower 40’s) so I went I figured it might be some kind of moving sale and I might get some deals WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL no it was this guy who is getting divorced AND he told me ALL about it even thought I didn’t want to hear and kept trying to walk away evidently he doesn’t have anyone to talk to about it but his wife really cleaned up (I don’t know if it was fair or not but I can tell you I wouldnt’ have wanted to be married to this guy he seemed to have a chip on his shoulder lol) but yeah she got the 500k house he got the 150k one she got to keep all the contents of the 500k house he got nothing she got the mercedes, the land rover, he got a jeep cherokee and lots and lots of money – not sure how she did it but lol he was very unhappy about it lol


    1. So true! I’m finding more and more that it’s enough that they cheat; they have to try to totally destroy you. He’s now claiming that after 15 years of making six figures that he’s only able to make $30,000 due to his “issues”. Such bullshit!


  3. My friend’s divorce cost $50,000 and they didn’t have much to split up either. The only real contested issue was his pot use. Attorneys profit tremendously from divorce.


    1. Was that because of custody issues? I don’t have that problem. Custody is not an issue seeing as how he pretty much abandoned them. Plus, they are old enough they have plenty of say where they will live.

      No, I get to spend this money in order to hold him accountable and even that may not do the trick if the judge falls for his sob story.

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      1. It dragged on because she wanted him to test clean for pot before he had visitation. The amount of fees racked up was ridiculous.


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