All I Want For Christmas…

Oh, that title is such a misnomer this year. I don’t want anything for Christmas. I don’t want to celebrate Christmas. I have absolutely no Christmas spirit. Actually, if I were to fill in the blank I would say that all I want for Christmas is for it to be OVER! Working retail at Christmas time sucks! So it stands to reason that working two retail jobs at Christmas doubly sucks! I just checked my calendar and my last day off was December 5th. I will finally get another day off on Christmas Day. But hey- since I’ve adopted this new “attitude of gratitude” I can say thankfully that I don’t work two jobs every day.

Like yesterday. I went in at 3 am to stock shelves. I was supposed to get off at 8:30 and ended up staying until 11. But it was the only job I had to work yesterday. I had planned on coming home and taking a brief nap so that I could take Rock Star to work at 5 and pick her up at 10 but she informed me shortly after I got home that she was going in at 1 and staying until 10. Plus, she was hungry and willing to buy breakfast. So I pulled my weary body up out of the chair and took off with her. Since she was working 9 hours she got a one hour lunch break and since we moved before she got her license she’s dependent upon others to come get her. I got a text message that her lunch was at 5. I dozed off and on for about an hour while listening to TV and then went to go get her.

I got stuck in the driveway. Yes, it’s been snowing like the dickens around here. I told Picasso to go shovel out the driveway because I could barely get to my car. Apparently he ignored me or just did a piss poor job because as I was trying to get out to go pick her up I got stuck. I jumped out of the car and shoveled myself a pathway. Then I returned again to pick her up at 10 pm. I did put my foot down when she wanted me to run her down to her cousin’s house to spend the night. It was 10:30 or later and I was already in my jammies. Queen B drives. If she wants her to spend the night she can come out here and grab her, dammit! This morning she wanted me to run to Krispy Kreme and get a dozen donuts because “Queen B wanted them.” Again, tell Queen B to get in her own damn car and go get them! Oh, but she’s studying for finals. Yeah, well, I’m working two fucking jobs and I’m on my feet constantly. I’m still recovering from Saturday!

Today I only work my second job from 12-6. Then I shall come home, eat some dinner and go to bed because I have to go into work at 2 am. Again, only working one job tomorrow as well! Hooray!

I actually like what I’m doing at my second job. I fulfill orders so I go around the store, basically shopping for other people. I was thinking that after the holidays I might try to cross train and pick up more hours at the first job because it pays more but I do really like what I’m doing here. I guess we’ll see if they have any interest in keeping me if I can only work weekends.

Wednesday is going to be a killer. I’m supposed to work 4-8:30 and then go into my second job from 12-8. I’ve bought yet another pair of shoes so I hope these do the trick and I can manage to stay on my feet for 12 or more hours. I did it on Saturday and I was about to die towards the end of the night. And on top of that I tried to get some Christmas shopping in after working only 5 hours. I was seriously ready to cry by the time I got home. My feet were so sore, my back was killing me, and I was exhausted. Plus, I had to turn around and go in at 3 am after all that.

Friday is going to be my day from Hell. I go in at 2 am once again and am supposed to work until 8:30. We’ll see. Since I’m scheduled 6 days this week I can’t stay over a whole lot every day or I’ll be over 40 hours before my last scheduled day. Then after unloading two trucks and stocking shelves I get to go in and work from 12-8. And then I turn around and go back in to my first job on Saturday at 4 am. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers because I think I might die.

The best part? I’ve been doing all this while battling a stupid cold.

The sad and puzzling part is while I’ve been scheduled for 30 hours this week at my second job I’m only scheduled for 6 hours next week. Of course the one day I go in is the one day I have off from my first job, which is why I have no days off until Christmas Day. I dread the workload but will appreciate the money. I’m curious to see what the hours are like after Christmas. I know next week at my first job is not going to be kind. I go in at 3 am or 12:30 am every day except Monday. Going in at 4 am is bad enough; going in any earlier is just brutal and inhuman!

Oh, one final piece of information. I did end up being offered the job I interviewed for. I even got the position I wanted which paid more per hour. I’ll still have to work 2, possibly 3 jobs but at least I now have a full-time gig. I would say it sure would be nice to get some damn spousal and child support but the fact is I wouldn’t trust that piece of shit to pay. I’m pretty much at the point that even if he’s still ordered to pay thousands each month I would continue working just to cover my ass in case he conveniently has another breakdown. Cousinfucker!

11 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas…

    1. I just started so thankfully I haven’t been keeping this pace long. Ultimately I think the hours are going to go down dramatically after the holidays are over so I’ll probably only be exhausted for 2 or 3 weeks total. On the plus side I’ll be making decent money for 2 weeks. 🙂

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      1. I ran my own personal training company along side my day job as HR for a construction company. I did it for 4 years — burnt out. Extra money at this time of year is a total bonus. I hope you get some rest soon. 🙂

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  1. Wow that sucks. I know the last thing u want to do is celebrate the holidays, but I think for your kids it’s good to show them that life goes on. You are an amazing example to them, and a great mother. I hope god blesses you with something really awesome for Christmas, you deserve it.

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  2. It’s frustrating to think of him lazing around pretending to have PTSD while his cousin/adultery partner is supporting him and you’re working your ass off.

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