And a Merry Christmas To Me

I got a certified letter today letting me know they will be having a foreclosure sale on our house in January. Yep, the day I start my new job they will be selling my former home.

Thankfully I am not on the mortgage, only the deed; nonetheless, it’s like a punch in the gut to get news that what was once a beautiful home is now being sold off due to non-payment. God only knows what all is left in the house still. I’m sure Cousinfucker cleaned it out pretty well but more than likely he only took the bigger stuff. My son’s nutcracker collection is undoubtedly a casualty, as is my wedding dress, and numerous outdoor decorations.

I hate what it has become- a symbol of failure. I have to remind myself over and over that it’s not my problem. The pool is green and probably frozen over. I hope nothing else bursts. Again, not my problem. I can only do so much and since he wasn’t willing to do anything my “only so much” wasn’t very much.

Apparently he was too lazy to try to put it on the market or to call the two people I told him about that were interested in a short sale. Probably too busy having sex with his cousin the whore.

Oh well. Like I told my mom when I got the news, thank goodness I didn’t try to stick it out. I would have ended up having to find new accommodations during the middle of my daughter’s junior year of high school. I probably would have ended up having to move back here anyway so better this past summer as opposed to over Christmas break.

I guess the good news is with this foreclosure Cousinfucker can’t buy the whore a house like they planned. He used his VA loan and with this default he won’t ever be able to use one again. He’s never had to save up money before to put a down payment down which he will now have to do if he ever wants to buy again. Ha! Once again I feel I must point out that as much as he bitched and moaned about me spending all “his” money he never ended up defaulting on a goddamn mortgage when he was married to me.

6 thoughts on “And a Merry Christmas To Me

  1. I feel for you. I know how I felt when my house was sold. I loved that place. It was my nest, my special place, the only place that ever felt truly mine. I now live with my mother and sister in a tiny 2 bed apartment. There are no words my friend. You have to mentally let go as best u can.
    Lots of love ❤❤❤

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    1. I didn’t realize you lived with your mom and sister. Hey, another thing we have in common!

      It’s not so much that the house is being sold as it is the fact it’s being foreclosed on. I am NOT the type of person who just blithely takes out a mortgage on a house and then doesn’t pay it. I know it can’t be helped but it makes me feel like a deadbeat.

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      1. Yeah there is no way I could afford to live alone, and even if I could, I think the loneliness would kill me.
        As for the foreclosure, it is absolutely not a reflection on you. It that shitty CF!

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  2. Uh, cousinfucker is a total fucking douche to do this shit to you. WTF is wrong with people???

    I know you do not want pity (especially from a person who is still on stranger status, haha!), but please indulge just this once, ok?

    I am so deeply sorry you have been betrayed, hurt, and just all around fucked by this fucktard.

    I know you know that this part of your path is not you. He did this shit. This is not you. However long it takes, just know you have support here, people who are in your corner. I look forward to you reclaiming your power, your strength, your core values…the things that make you the beautiful you you are meant to be. Hope that made sense!

    Okay, enough mush! I had to get that out. Just know that sentiment is always there and I won’t embarrass you with it in the future, k?

    Hugs and a couple glasses of the good red, not the cheap shit.

    Peace to you this holiday season…


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    1. Awww, thanks, JM. I’m not embarrassed at all and I will freely take a kind stranger’s pity. My life is pretty pitiful right now, thanks to Cousinfucker.

      I hope you have a good holiday season as well. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

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