I Have Two Children, Right?

My sister-in-law was over at the house the other day wrapping gifts. While she was here we talked about whether or not we thought CF would send the kids anything for Christmas. I jokingly said I should start a pool and take bets.

The very next day a card arrives for Rock Star. It’s from her dad with a gift card enclosed. Naturally there is a gooey message in there about how proud he is of her, how much he misses her, how he thinks about her constantly and he hopes that one day she will want to see him. As my daughter put it, “It’s good to know that he can take my Christmas gift and turn it into something about him.”

Hey! Wait just one darn minute. Don’t we have TWO kids? Yes, yes we do. Perhaps in his sorrow over the fact that he chose a gold digging whore over his own flesh and blood he forgot he had a son as well because nothing came in the mail for Picasso. Nothing arrived today either.

Obviously this throws off all bets. I didn’t have a category for gifting one child and ignoring the other; I never foresaw this although I probably should have. But since I’m discussing it, what kind of a fuckwit sends one kid a card and a gift and doesn’t send anything to the second kid? I suppose there is a slight possibility that Picasso’s card hasn’t arrived yet. I’m not holding my breath but I do acknowledge it is slightly possible.

Here’s another fun fact. He listed his return address as an apartment in his mom’s city, which is about an hour away from the whore. Hmmmm….. I do so love playing detective, especially since he thinks I’m so stupid. I thought at first he was using one of the apartment addresses associated with Tammy Faye.

She and Pastor Fake live in a four unit apartment building. Her sister-in-law and her husband lived in the unit next door, although I hear they are getting a divorce so who knows what’s going on now. Her granddaughter lives above them with her boyfriend and their two kids, or at least she did a year and a half ago. Pastor Fake’s brother and his son live in the final apartment. Again, this was all before I found out I was married to a lying, cheating sonofabitch so things may have changed. Nonetheless, they’ve got most of the family living in the unit.

When I received an invitation for the granddaughter’s baby shower a few years ago I noticed the street address was different from Tammy Faye’s. I asked her about it and she verified that she did indeed live above Tammy Faye but for some reason, maybe the door faces another direction, the street address is different.

Anyway, I tell you all this story because I thought possibly he was using one of those addresses for his return address. It turns out though that the apartment listed is actually about 5 minutes away. Why it’s such a fucking secret where he’s living is beyond me. Furthermore, I love how he thinks he’s pulling a fast one because I know damn well he’s living with the ho bag. If you look on his Facebook page he lists the whore’s town as his place of residence. He listed her address on all of his tax forms, his bank account, MY fucking bank account, and his paycheck from his former job. Does he not realize I have access to all of that? Oh, Cousinfucker, please tell me again how your IQ is so high you could be a member of Mensa.

I’m not giving it much thought but I continue to be amazed at what a liar he is. He lies as easily as he breathes and for no purpose other than to try to con me. Why? Who knows? I don’t care.

Good news is I also have a pool going on whether or not he’ll post another sappy message to his kids on Christmas and what it might say. You’ve still got time to join this one; place your bets, everyone!

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