Let’s Be Friends!

I hear this a lot from people who talk about their cheater’s reaction and from cheater’s themselves who think that once the divorce is over that they and the betrayed spouse will be best of buddies. “I’m hoping my spouse and I can be friends after the divorce. I think we will be. Sure, he/she will be mad for a little while but they’ll get over it. Maybe we can even double date sometime.” I guess it’s true what they say. Affairs really do cause people to lose their damn minds.

I’m not saying it never happens. On another board I frequently read there is a longtime poster who is friendly with her ex and his wife, who was the other woman. She even babysat their kids once upon a time and is known as Aunt to them. Hell, they vacation together! Another woman on that same board was cheated on by her husband of twenty plus years. She’s not friendly with the other woman turned wife, not even after all of these years, but she does consider her ex-husband to be a friend. She’s actually proud of the fact that they are friends.

Just in case anyone was wondering where I stood on the whole “friendship after gutting me, betraying me, lying to me and destroying my life” thing, I’m solidly in the corner of, “No fucking way.” I’m sure that’s shocking to most of you.

Look, the way I see it why would I want to be friends with someone like that? Or as someone over on Chump Lady once put it: You want to be friends after what you did to me as my husband?

This person has lied and cheated. Why would anyone believe that now that they’re “friends” this person won’t continue to lie and cheat, gaslight and betray? I depend on my friends to have my back, not stab me in it. I expect my friends to care about me and my best interests; someone who has cheated on me has demonstrated they don’t give one single solitary fuck about me or my best interests. I expect my friends to be loyal to me. A person who cheats on me isn’t going to be loyal now that we’re “friends”. Bottom line: I prefer friends who don’t lie to me. Actually, it’s not so much a preference as it is a prerequisite.

Okay, just for shits and grins let’s pretend that I actually buy this “friendship after an affair” bullshit. Let’s pretend millions of other betrayed spouses buy it, too. It sure sounds like a swell idea, Wally. So tell me, how’s it going to work?

Are you going to call me up on the phone and have long conversations with me? You didn’t want to do that as my husband so why are you so willing to do it now that we’re divorced and you’re fucking a whore? The same whore you left me for.

Are we going to text each other all day? First, what on earth would we talk about all day long? I find people who need to text each other constantly juvenile. Second, I’m not even able to text all day long. I’ve got this thing called a job. I’ve actually got two things called a job. And I can’t be on my phone while I’m working either of them. Maybe once you start making obscene amounts of money they don’t care how much you’re on your phone. Lord knows CF told me many times about how he played games all day long. But when you’re simply a mindless peon you have to put your phone away, which means I can’t text with you all day long to tell you about every minute of my tedious life.

Hey, I just cashed a check! Oh wow, I just cashed another one. Oh, this time it was a withdrawal. Holy shit! I just made a deposit. Oops, answered a phone call. Made another checking deposit. Cashed in some coins. I know; this stuff is fascinating.

Would we go out to dinner together? Would we catch a movie? Maybe go to the casinos or take a walk or see a play or sit down and watch television together? Hey, I know! We could go to the next Chump Lady book launch party together! I’ll introduce you to her. You’ll love her.

Seriously, what is this friendship supposed to look like? And do I have to hang out with your whore as well? Because that’s not happening. I’ll throat punch that bitch.

Don’t tell me how much you admire me and appreciate me. Don’t tell me how you want us to move forward into a new relationship that is defined by us being happy for each other in our new lives. I don’t give a shit about your new life. Your new life came at MY expense. Frankly, I hope your new life crashes and burns. I hope your dick falls off. I hope your whore dies a horrible death. I hope you’re miserable for the rest of your dickless life. Go fuck yourself and your happiness. You’re a liar and a cheater and I don’t wish to be friends with people who stab me in the back and betray me.

I’d no sooner want to hang out with the guy who cheated on me than I would want to hang out with the guy who kidnapped my kids or raped me. Sorry. You’re in that category now. If you wanted to be my friend you shouldn’t have cheated on me.

In the end I think it comes down to two primary motivations- image management and keeping the other woman (or man) on a short leash.

Hey, if someone cheats on their spouse and they continue to be friends that has got to be nerve wracking for the affair partner. This person was supposed to be so awful, so horrible, that their beloved was forced to cheat on them. If not for their egregious behavior the affair partner’s beloved would never have been tempted to turn towards another person. So how come they’re still friends? Why is he texting her (or why is she texting him?)? Why are they meeting for friendly dinners or lunches? This makes no sense. Maybe your soul mate isn’t going to leave behind the wretched spouse after all. By golly, you’ll just have to dance harder and prettier to make sure you’re still #1. Isn’t that a lucky break for the cheater? Yep, not discarding the former wife (or husband) sure keeps the mistress turned main squeeze/new wife in check. Maybe once those marriage vows were said they realized they married a person who doesn’t have a problem cheating on their spouse. And lying to them about it. Dance, dance, dance! A cheater’s got to keep his or her options open. If you won’t dance pretty they’ll find someone who will.

And if the betrayed spouse agrees to go along with the friendship bullshit then the cheater can say, “See? I didn’t do anything wrong. We’re still friends. Would we be friends if I had done anything horrible to my spouse? Of course not! So obviously we simply grew apart. There were problems in the marriage but now we’re going to go forward as best of friends who work together cooperatively for the sake of our children. No need to judge me or label me a low down yellow-bellied slime bucket cheater because my former spouse and I are friends!” Image management, people. Image management.

They can tell everyone that they’re still a wonderful person who refuses to be defined by their cheating, lying, backstabbing behavior. If they had any guilt the friendship assuages it. Again, what a lucky break for the cheater.

Personally, if someone wants to remain friends with their cheating ex I don’t care. Hell, they can make nice with the skanky ass ho, too, if it makes them feel better. I, however, have no desire to play nice with the ex and his whore. I will never be friends with either of them. They have absolutely nothing of value to add to my life. They’re manipulative liars with no conscience. I try to stay away from people like that. I would advise everyone else to do the same.

First Week Of the Rest Of My Life

I have officially completed my first week of full-time work. Yes, I’ve worked 60-70 hours a week before but that was two different part-time jobs. I was also doing full-time training for the last 2 weeks while working my part-time job. But this week was the first week of me working my full-time job, my part-time job, juggling kids and schedules, taking care of pets, doing grocery shopping, making dinner, and doing laundry. This is the first week of the rest of my life. I would say it really sucks; however, honestly, it’s just whatever. It’s not good; it’s not bad. It just is. I’m neither happy nor sad. I exist. I work. I take care of my kids. I do the things I need to get done. I can’t even say that I’m exhausted all the time, although I’m ready for bed usually by 8:00 or so. I guess working those sixteen hour days has paid off.

Monday was the day of my final exam. Yes, for $11/hour I had to take 2 quizzes and a final exam over everything that I learned. Not only did I have to do that, I had to pass with a 90% average. No pressure. Ultimately I ended up with a 95% average overall. Not bad. To be perfectly honest I would have been fine with a 90%. I wasn’t looking to be a superstar; I just wanted to pass so I could keep my full-time job.

The exam and grading took me half the day. I then headed over to the branch I’ll be working at until next Monday. I worked until 5:15. Once home I shampooed carpets.  My dogs are not used to having to hold their bladders; they are extremely spoiled animals who have been able to go out and come in at will all their lives. I did some laundry since I knew I had to go into work at 4 am the next day, and tried to catch up on dishes. My daughter had a basketball game to cheer at that evening and they were doing a special halftime performance so I left the house around 7:15 to watch her cheer. My niece and her two other cousins were at the game as well. I ended up taking her home because the other two girls needed to leave after halftime. We got home around 9:30, maybe 10:00. I got my clothes together and headed to bed.

Tuesday I was up around 3:20. I headed into work at Target. They’ve got me working in soft lines now, which is clothing. I like to look at it as a promotion because 1) they consider it cross training and 2) I no longer have to bowl (which is what they call taking the pallets out to the floor and putting the boxes where they go in the aisles). It’s not a promotion but it is easier.

I headed home so that I could take Rock Star to school. Dropped her off, went back home, finished getting ready for the bank and then went to work. I stopped off at Target after work to spend my gift card finally. I bought such luxury items as dog food, tooth paste, saline solution, and razors! I, however, forgot to buy toilet paper. I did a sheet pan dinner that night- steak, broccoli, and brussel sprouts. There were supposed to be potatoes as well but I forgot them so I just made some instant mashed potatoes.

Wednesday I didn’t work my second job so the day started off with getting ready for work and dropping Rock Star off at school. I still came home to finish getting ready and to pack my lunch. I worked at the drive-thru that day, which was new. It’s in a completely different location and I had a little bit of difficulty finding it but it all ended up okay. Rock Star worked that night, 6-10, so I hurried home to pick her up and take her to work. I’m pretty sure I did another load of laundry. Whenever I’m working more than a day at Target I like to make sure I have enough pants and shirts to get me through the work period. I picked my daughter up from work at 10, headed home, and went to bed.

Thursday started at 3:20 am. Rise and shine! I went to work at Target, headed home to pick up Rock Star, took her to school, came home to get ready for the bank, packed the rest of my lunch, and then headed off to work. I left work, grabbed Rock Star from cheerleading practice and then took her to get some dinner before she headed off to work. Then I was sent on a mission to pick up a pair of boots she had seen for $13 at Marshall’s. I procured the boots for her and then went home to make dinner for Picasso and myself. Rock Star let me know I had lucked out and she was getting off at 9 instead of 10 that night. I was still up far too late, probably until around 11.

I know I said I’m usually ready for bed around 8. It’s true. I am ready for bed and I’m usually nodding off. But once I get back home and get ready for bed I seem to be wide awake. Hence, going to bed somewhere between 10 and 11 even when my alarm goes off really early in the morning.

Friday was more of the same. Getting up at 3:20. Working at Target until a little after 7. Taking Rock Star to school. Of course, she lets me know as I’m dropping her off that Picasso was still at home. She casually says, as she’s getting out of the car, “You know Picasso is still at home, right?”

Um, how I would I know this? I left the house at a quarter til four. I came home, pulled in the driveway, honked to let her know I was there, she came out to the car and I drove her to school. At what point would I have discovered my man child was still at home?

I call him on my way home and he tells me he went out at his regular time but his bus never came. Whatever. I told him to get ready and I would take him to school once I was ready for work.

I quickly changed clothes and threw food into my lunch bag. Then we took off for his school and I continued on to the bank.

It was a crazy day there. The phones were ringing off the hook. And I swear that I feel like I know less at the end of my first week than I did at the beginning. I’m crossing my fingers that week 2 feels a little more comfortable.

When I got home I discovered my nephew was spending the weekend which was a pleasant surprise. Rock Star worked 6-10 again so I took her to and picked her up from work. I decided to just grab subs for dinner because I didn’t feel like cooking. It was that or pizza and the boys voted for subs.

Finally, today I was again up at 3:20 so that I could head into Target by 4. As I left for work I realized my niece had spent the night. I stayed until almost 10 because I could and I need the hours. I had to pick up toilet paper, sausage and biscuits for breakfast and things to make Taco Twist soup for dinner. I came home, cleaned up the kitchen while I was making biscuits and gravy and then shortly after breakfast (which didn’t take place until around 11, 11:30) I took a nap. I know I was awake when Queen B took Rock Star to work at 1 so sometime after that I laid down and fell asleep until 4.

I was awakened by barking dogs when my brother and sister-in-law stopped by to visit. I cleaned up the kitchen from the breakfast mess and eventually made my soup. My brother stayed for dinner but my sister-in-law headed home before it was done.

I’ve got four kids again tonight. Rock Star just got off work at 9:30 and she and Queen B have headed out to IHOP and Target. Last time I checked Picasso was in bed (he had a rough day of video game playing so I’m sure he’s exhausted) and my nephew is downstairs watching TV.

Tomorrow my sister-in-law, Queen B, Rock Star and I are all headed to my other niece’s boyfriend’s basketball game. Apparently there may be more family headed to the game as well. We shall see. I would like to say I’m looking forward to it but sadly anymore it seems like anything that I do just seems like a task, even things that should be fun. It’s almost like it’s on a checklist that I’m trying to get through to prove that I have this full and exciting life. I’ll write more about that later. For now I think I’m going post this entry, eat a bowl of cereal, watch the rest of Say Yes to the Dress, and then head off to bed.

Owning Your Part In Your Partner’s Affair (Yeah, Right!)


September 2014

I don’t know why I continue to read blogs by betrayed spouses. I suppose I want to see the end of their stories, see them heal and get on with their lives. I really don’t know why I continue to read this “repentant” cheating husband’s blog. Depressing. Narcissistic. Blowhard. Self – righteous, sanctimonious, sonofabitch. He really is. Everything he writes is geared towards the cheating spouse, making it easier on them. He is absolutely convinced that most affairs begin because the betrayed spouse isn’t meeting the cheating spouse’s needs. They’re unhappy in their marriage so they reach out to someone new. I’m not sure how exactly that works. Poor baby is unhappy so he fucks a whore. He’s a victim and needs love and understanding, and what are you going to do to fix this for him? Meanwhile, I would be willing to bet his wife was no happier but she didn’t go fuck a whore. And somehow she’s the bad person? She’s the one that needs to figure out how to please her husband and make him not cheat?

Listen, asshole, I immediately took responsibility for my actions, or lack thereof which made the whore look appealing to my husband. I didn’t realize at the time how serious it was, or later, how I was being played and humiliated. But, I took responsibility. We didn’t spend enough time talking. There wasn’t enough sex. We were glorified roommates. I later learned he felt like he was only a paycheck and a handyman. I got all that and I owned it and vowed to make it better. But it didn’t happen in a vacuum. He pushed me away. I could never do enough. I remember telling a therapist once, he bitches about the house being a mess so I clean the house. Then he complains about the laundry so I catch up on the laundry. Then he complains about me not making dinner so I make dinner. Then he complains about the kids’ behavior so I work on that. Then he complains about the lack of sex. It’s never ending. I can never do everything he wants me to do. I can never be perfect.

He didn’t want to join us. He didn’t want to partner up with me to raise our kids. We weren’t a team. He didn’t want me in our bed. He just wanted sex. Feed me, clean my clothes, take care of me, and fuck me. And finally I had just had enough. I stopped giving a shit. That is true. He might have been unhappy but I was unhappy, too. The big difference between us? I didn’t run out and find some guy to stroke my ego and tell me how beautiful and sexy I was. I didn’t spend my days sexting with another man and making plans for our future. I wasn’t sending another man naked pictures, or telling family members how I loved him, or making plans to tattoo my love for him on my body. So yeah, I win. I may be responsible for the fact there was a void, but I am not responsible at all for how he chose to fill that void. Suck on that!

Present Day Sam Says: I’m over the whole “owning your part” for your partner’s affair. I’ve pretty much decided that if someone cheats they don’t get to hand a list of self improvement tasks off to anyone. If you discover your spouse cheating and they tell you what all you need to do to keep them from cheating on you again find yourself a pit bull attorney and file for divorce; you’re married to an entitled asshole. Tell that person you’ve got a few demands of your own and you’re planning on getting them legally enforced.

My Heart Sings

I was having a conversation with my daughter a week or so ago. I don’t even remember what we were talking about exactly or how it came up but she stated, “I’m happy.” <Jaw drop>

“You are?” I asked her, astonished. Believe me, this was the first time I had come close to hearing anything like this. In fact, I had just asked her probably no more than 2 weeks earlier if she was liking it at her new high school more now that people were starting to notice her, she had made friends, and had joined the cheerleading team. She shrugged and replied, “Eh.”

Not this time, though! This time she went on to say that she was just really happy. She had her good friends and her cheer teammates. She had a fantastic mom and an okay brother. Again, I had to stifle a cry of joy because that’s the nicest thing she’s said about her brother in ages. She loves her job and is “in” with the managers. She’s not even that bothered anymore about not having her license because so many of the people she knows here don’t have them either.

She’s happy! Both of my kids are happy and settled. As the old song sings, “Two out of three ain’t bad.”

My Bitch List, Part 14

Part 14 will conclude the Airing of the Grievances. If you’ve been following along on my blog for a while now these will probably, once again, be repeats but I wanted to put them in a neat, tidy list!

  • He moved out of the state after moving us 2000 miles away from our lives. On top of that he didn’t even bother to tell his children that he moved. He didn’t tell them he moved out of the house, much less that he moved out of the fucking state!
  • He also resigned from his job of 15 years.
  • He told people I not only threw away all of his clothes, but also that I tossed them into garbage bags and threw them in the trash. They were all hanging in the damn guest room closet! He lived in that room for 5 months. He knew they were there. The rest of his clothes, the ones in the dressers, were still sitting there. They’re *still* sitting there. He knew that, too, seeing as how he came into my room to grab them.
  • He insists upon telling people that I threw everything associated with him away. I’m guessing he’s talking about pictures. Not true. They’re all either in drawers or sitting on the floor up against the wall. It’s not like he has to dig around in the attic to find them!
  • He’s telling people I made him move. He told his daughter he had no choice and told his sister that I made him leave his home and his kids AND that I wouldn’t allow him to take anything from the house with him. Again, not true. He merely had to pay rent.
  • After driving to see his whore every single weekend from August-February (a 6 hour drive one way) once he moved he actually expected our daughter to drive to see him. Yes, he wanted a brand new driver to get on the highway/toll road, drive 70 mph and make a 7 hour trip to see him because he couldn’t be bothered to drive to see her and her brother.
  • He angrily told our son, “Why don’t you read the court document and stop listening to everything you’re told?” when he asked about their allowances. That would be the same son he tried to justify his affair to by telling him we hadn’t been happy since having kids.
  • Now he’s telling our daughter he has no money because he has to pay off all the credit cards that I ran up.
  • Found out he had another emotional/sexting affair. Sonofabitch! And once again he lied like a rug about it when confronted. He told me she was a stalker, someone he had tried to help but then she ended up becoming inappropriate with him. Liar!
  • Tried to get his daughter to play into his pity party when she didn’t recognize him on Memorial Day. Told her she knew it was the worst day of the year for him, every year. She replied that the worst day of her life was finding out her dad was cheating on her mom. His response? I’m sorry about that but your mom never loved me. So I guess that makes it okay to cheat? Ever heard of divorcing BEFORE you find your next wife?
  • He resigned from his new job, checked into a psych ward and told me he wasn’t going to be sending me anymore money which forced his daughter to switch schools her junior year of high school. Twenty-one years of listening to him bitch about how he hated switching schools all the time when he was younger for what? At least he never had to switch high schools. It also forced us to move, yet again, over 600 miles away and move in with my mom. My kids have had to leave all of their new friends behind. My daughter has had to give up being the captain of the gymnastics team and probably the captain of the cheerleading team, as well. She has resigned herself to simply going to school and working. Hooray!
  • He moved us the first time, wrecking any chance she had of getting a gymnastics scholarship because there were no gyms close by. Now he has wrecked any chance of her getting a cheerleading scholarship because none of the damn schools up here have competitive cheer. He has also completely taken gymnastics away from her. It’s done. There are no teams at the high schools and it was way too expensive to send her to a private club. Thanks, Dad! Hey, can you get your whore to come tell me what a great father you are again? I’d love to punch her in her fucking face right about the time she finished up with, “He’s such a good dad!” BAM! Shut your fucking mouth, whore!
  • Thanks to this new move, my daughter has to start all over with a learner’s permit. I spent $200 on nothing.
  • Shit Face can’t be bothered to contact his own kids but has no problems posing on FB with his fake son.
  • Despite the fact that he isn’t divorced and despite the fact that he was having an affair he has a picture of the whore and him together as his profile picture and lists his status as “in a relationship” with the whore.

Hopefully there will not be a part 15. Hopefully he will stay out of my life and out of my sight and I will never have cause to create another list about the dumb/insensitive/nasty/disrespectful/selfish things he’s done.

My Bitch List, Part 13

Ah yes, life with the wife and kids versus life with the whore and her kids. And more end of the relationship shit. Again, a lot of this was written while it was happening and I haven’t changed the verb tenses so if it seems suspicious that we’re still living together… well, we’re not. It’s in the past although not far enough in the past to please me.

    • I sat in on a therapy session with him, the therapist and I both coaching him on getting through the drive for his so called business trip.  Yes, that’s right.  I coached him so that he was able to drive off and go fuck a whore.
    • Another stupid move on my part: He started coming home at lunch because he was pissed off at his boss. Apparently, he wanted to skip lunch and leave work more along the lines of 4 or 4:30. His boss expected him to stay until 5. CF mentioned to me that the only reason they stayed so long was because they all took a 2 hour lunch. So he started coming home for his 2 hours. I would go upstairs and sit with him while he answered emails or watched TV, or more importantly, texted and sexted with the whore. Such a good dutiful wife.
    • I find out he’s siphoned off thousands of dollars in marital assets to give to the whore, has spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on her each month, has bought her a diamond ring and bought her kids a puppy, bought her and her daughter new iPhone 6s and is paying their cell phone bill, cashed in stock, opened a separate account, and has just generally been a dickhead.  He then has the nerve to tell me that this can still be civil.  Yeah, right!
    • Later I found out he could spend over $300 on a prom/dance type dress for Harley’s daughter but he couldn’t give me $80 for a dress for his own child.  Also saw his charge card statement for Christmas- hundreds of dollars spent at Ulta, Francesca’s, American Eagle, Dick’s Sporting Good, Walmart… so nice to know he’s got extra money.
    • That same month, when he didn’t have money to pay his share of the household bills, and didn’t have money to buy his daughter a homecoming dress, he managed to have enough money to buy an approximately $4200 engagement ring for his home wrecking whore. She/He/They also spent almost $200 at Vera Bradley, over $400 at some sports store (for her kids, no doubt), hundreds on vision care, over $400 on Harley’s utilities, and more than $1500 on Harley’s lawyer so she could get her divorce. That was all in one month. Glad to see he has his priorities straight!
    • He couldn’t go out to dinner with either of his kids for their birthday because of his “issues” yet somehow he has no problem going out to eat with his dysfunctional family, his whore, or her kids.  Nice.
    • He lives here during the week and waltzes off every weekend to go be with his whore.  He is beyond bold about this.  It is more like a slap in the face.  A big “fuck you!” to all of us.
    • 30 minutes after I tell him I know he’s fucking his cousin and giving her money he asks me if we’re still having spaghetti for dinner.  And then later that evening asks again.  When I tell him no he has the nerve to ask me what there is to eat around here.
    • When his whore posts on Facebook how she is having such a sleepless night because she misses the comfort she’s grown so accustomed to my daughter flips out and sends him an angry text.  He ends up trying to turn it all around into how he’s the poor put upon victim.  He’s not welcome.  He pays all the bills.  He starves while we eat.  I guess the dumb shit is actually waiting for me to bring him a fucking plate of food still!  She never posted that!  I don’t know what you saw or what someone told you but it wasn’t her!  Then when it’s proven that it was indeed her he says he wasn’t trying to lie and he had never seen that and then continues on with his victim stance.
    • The bastard accused me of stealing every dime he makes.  Fuck you!
    • Over the course of 4 months, from the beginning of September until the end of December, he had access to approximately $30,000. He had no bills- no cell phone, no car payment (I had made the final payment with the money he believed he would owe me), no car insurance (I paid that), no rent or mortgage, no utilities. I point this out because that $30k he had access to was all fun money. By the end of December he had a little over $600 in the account. At one point there was just over $100 in it. And he wants to talk about me spending money? At least when it was me our kids had everything they needed and most of what they wanted.
    • He continues to try to justify his affair to our children.  He even told our daughter that I “didn’t take care of him.”  Oh please!  Is that why she tells me, “Mom, I would have left him years ago!  I wouldn’t have put up with half of what you put up with,”?

My Bitch List, Part 12: The Sex Edition

This one is mainly about sex so I would appreciate it, MOTHER, if you wouldn’t read this one. I’m warning you there is not enough brain bleach to unsee or unread what is ahead. STOP NOW!

    • He would grope me in public, thinking that was cute.
    • The first picture I ever saw of the slut her hair was darker.  She then went blonder, like me.  He told me he preferred it darker and longer (on me).  So one day at the salon I ask him to send me his favorite picture of me, the one that had my hair the way he liked it, to give my stylist an idea of how dark to go.  He sends me the picture.  And then immediately sends me another picture- of my pubic area.  With my hairdresser looking over my shoulder to get an idea of what color to dye my hair.  Fucking pig.  Harley also is wearing her hair a lot darker these days.  Wow- another amazing coincidence!
    • I often slept nude whenever I slept in our bed. He would sometimes take pictures of me, naked, while I slept. There were also times I would wake to find him masturbating on me while I was asleep.
    • He bought me a new car when we moved.  Then decided I should make “payments” on it in the form of blow jobs. Too bad, so sad for him. That damn car never got paid for.
    • He liked me to talk dirty to him and wanted me to tell him stories about me and my friends.
    • He mentioned a few times how he’d like to watch me have sex with another guy, or have a threesome. Yeah, that didn’t happen either.
    • Despite cheating on me with Harley he seemed to really get off on requesting nude photos of me. The last time he asked he had lied and told me he was off visiting Blockhead. As we’re chatting about me registering the kids for school (which was a mindfuck all in itself because I had no idea what was going to happen) he wants to know why I haven’t sent him a picture of my boobs yet.
    • Right around the time he began sleeping with Harley he gave me this sob story about thinking he was impotent so he would prefer I not even try to come on to him because it would make him feel bad. In hindsight that was just an excuse. Isn’t that sweet and considerate of him to worry about cheating on his fucking mistress/whore?
    • The day I filed for divorce he came home for lunch. I was wearing a t-shirt and a skirt because I figured I should look presentable when I went to visit my attorney. That asshole actually got turned on by me and had a raging hard-on. Ha! Joke’s on you, Cousinfucker. I looked good because I was planning on leaving your ass!
    • He was apparently showing naked pictures of me to his whore.  Nice.

People, seriously, I don’t know how I stayed as long as I did. I’ve told some of these stories to others and they call it abuse. I’m not sure I would go that far but it sure as hell wasn’t respectful.