My Bitch List, Part 10

Do we even need a preamble at this point? Read on for more nonsense from dear CF. This one covers out of town trips, moving and his fucked up relationship with his cheating sister.

  • He seemed to always have a list of things that I could change, or more to the point, things he wanted me to change for him. More sex. Cleaner house. Probably laundry never overflowing. Dinner on the table (or rather served to him in his room) by 6. You know, the standard. And then he would say, “Is there anything you’d like me to change?” Funny how it was that whenever I would bring something up I would always get, “That’s just the way I am.” Maybe the next time he mentioned all the changes I needed to make I should have said, “Oops, sorry, that’s just the way I am.
  • We drove to his mom’s house one holiday. 26 hour trip. I’m not sure if that was the trip where the weather was supremely crappy so we made awful time or not, but I do know we were a good six hours at least from her house when he suddenly had a panic attack (or so he said) because the temperature caused a change in the tire pressure. It got so bad we had to pull over at the closest Walmart and get 2 new tires put on the car. It was an hour to two hour pitstop because he was obsessing over the tires. I’m sure that makes me sound like a bitch but as I said earlier it is amazing how he no longer has any of those problems now. He just hops in that car and drives and drives and drives!
  • We traveled over 1500 miles one year to spend Easter with his family. He told me that while we were there his sister wanted to have dinner with him. Just him. His mom commented on how she had told her that they “never got to do anything together” as siblings. Me, being the cool, understanding wife that I was (Hey, that’s true! Once you get married you rarely do ever hang out with your sibling without their spouse around.) stayed behind with the kids and his mom, eating bologna sandwiches while they went out. And met up with her newest other man. Yep, Asshole and his sister left me behind so that they could go have dinner with her “boyfriend” and my husband could meet him. Meanwhile, the next day she lied her ass off about her upcoming divorce which I had known nothing about up until that evening when the MIL spilled the beans. Incidentally, my husband knew all about the other man because his sister confided in him and asked him to keep it a secret from me. He obliged.
  • This same sister was his confidante during his first affair with his cousin. She counseled him to “do whatever makes him happy because he deserves to be happy.”
  • He complained to this same sister about my spending habits and she egged him on, agreeing that I was wasteful with money and that I spent frivolously. Of course, since he was the one leading the charge against me he couldn’t defend me. But he certainly cried his fake crocodile tears when I went apeshit on his ass upon finding this out.
  • This one isn’t stupid on my part or terribly egregious; no it’s simple hubris on his part. He was going on about how my mother should thank him because he had taken such excellent care of “her little girl”. This was AFTER he cheated with the whore the first time.
  • He always wanted me to wear my hair long. As he explained it, “It’s a family thing. I don’t have any so you and Rock Star have hair to compensate for my lack of hair.” Anyway, he would bitch and moan every time I cut it. Finally, I got to the point where I decided I wanted to grow it out and I didn’t cut it for about 3 years. Until he got involved with her and “confessed”. Once I looked up her picture and saw where her hair was shorter I said, “Fuck it! If his whore can have short hair then I can have short hair!” What a coincidence that she has grown her hair out.
  • For all of our moves (5 of them!) I was always the one who stayed behind while he went ahead and lived the bachelor life. In the beginning it was because we had pets and/or we were still showing the house which needed to sell. I was the one keeping the house clean and dealing with any showings. It was brutal this last move. It seemed like almost every day there was a showing and so I would have to hide the litter boxes, wipe down the sliding glass doors to get rid of dog nose artwork, load up all 3 dogs in my van and drive around. The one or two times he was with us and had to do it he about lost his mind. I remember boarding the dogs once so that we could get out of the house and do something fun while the showings were going on. And I remember going to the park and him almost breaking down in tears because for whatever reason he was so stressed over this! Again- we had a guaranteed buyout! We didn’t have to sell the damn thing on our own. He couldn’t handle showing the house and having to corral 3 dogs for an hour with me and the kids by his side. I did this BY MYSELF most times.
  • Most of the showings we tried to arrange during the day because he didn’t want “his” evenings ruined by having to leave the house in order to show it, especially after his breakdown. Like always he didn’t want to be inconvenienced and I was the eager doormat, putting his wants and needs above anything else. So again, I handled all of this on my own during the day while he was at work.
  • This last move I put 3 dogs, 2 cats, a fish, and 2 kids in my van and drove across the damn country. He never left after we flew out to look for a house. His car was shipped to him. I had to find hotels that would accept pets and added an extra 3 hours onto my trip so that one of those nights I could sleep at my mom’s house instead of paying for a hotel room. He had offered to come back out and drive with me but I knew he wouldn’t handle the trip very well at all. Being in the van with our dogs for an hour had freaked him out. He was going to manage 33 hours? Oh, I don’t think so. Plus, I would rather he go on vacation with us.
  • He would frequently be rude to people that were staying with us- like just not speaking to them, going directly into his room, not socializing with them at all.

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