Celebrating Anniversaries After Infidelity

September 2014

I guess I’m feeling chatty today. Anniversaries. I read several blogs where the wives refuse to celebrate their anniversary anymore. Some of them don’t wear their rings anymore, or at least the wedding ring. Believe me, when I was at my lowest if I could have removed my ring from my fat finger I would have. I don’t know if it would still be off. Probably not. I usually cave. All I managed to do at the time was remove all of the pictures in the house of the two of us. Apparently, that hurt him when I told him after D-Day. It obviously didn’t make much of an impression when he was still fucking around with the whore because he didn’t notice.

Last year’s anniversary brought a lot of bad stuff with it. It was the first time since finding out that I considered leaving him. I don’t think we did anything big, and I don’t remember what, if anything, he bought me besides flowers. I didn’t mention it on Facebook because I didn’t want to deal with the well wishes. I was in no mood for that. Honestly, I don’t think I will ever mention it on Facebook again. It feels fake to me. Why would anyone else care if it’s our anniversary? What does it matter?

He’s never been big on celebrating it and I think I’d rather not anyway. It’s just another day. Doesn’t mean anything. Shouldn’t you be kind and loving every day and not just that one day? I’m sure we’ll exchange cards; there might even be gifts. It will be 20 years this year. I had briefly thought about going to NYC and maybe seeing a Broadway play and doing some sight seeing, but that probably won’t happen. Oh well, hopefully this anniversary will be better and less painful than the last one.

Present Day Sam Says: It wasn’t. You’ll read about it later. I did okay at first but as the day progressed I devolved. He got upset because Blockhead told him I didn’t like the gift he had bought. His solution? Go fuck Harley. Yeah, that’s what everyone does when they find out someone didn’t like a gift. They go fuck someone else.

I think this anniversary was pretty much the beginning of the end. He began spinning out of control, thanks to Blockhead’s interference.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Anniversaries After Infidelity

  1. Not to change the subject but how are you doing right now? Are your kids alright? It’s the end of the marking period for my 3 high schoolers tomorrow so it made me wonder how you are all doing in the present.


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