My Bitch List, Part 13

Ah yes, life with the wife and kids versus life with the whore and her kids. And more end of the relationship shit. Again, a lot of this was written while it was happening and I haven’t changed the verb tenses so if it seems suspicious that we’re still living together… well, we’re not. It’s in the past although not far enough in the past to please me.

    • I sat in on a therapy session with him, the therapist and I both coaching him on getting through the drive for his so called business trip.  Yes, that’s right.  I coached him so that he was able to drive off and go fuck a whore.
    • Another stupid move on my part: He started coming home at lunch because he was pissed off at his boss. Apparently, he wanted to skip lunch and leave work more along the lines of 4 or 4:30. His boss expected him to stay until 5. CF mentioned to me that the only reason they stayed so long was because they all took a 2 hour lunch. So he started coming home for his 2 hours. I would go upstairs and sit with him while he answered emails or watched TV, or more importantly, texted and sexted with the whore. Such a good dutiful wife.
    • I find out he’s siphoned off thousands of dollars in marital assets to give to the whore, has spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on her each month, has bought her a diamond ring and bought her kids a puppy, bought her and her daughter new iPhone 6s and is paying their cell phone bill, cashed in stock, opened a separate account, and has just generally been a dickhead.  He then has the nerve to tell me that this can still be civil.  Yeah, right!
    • Later I found out he could spend over $300 on a prom/dance type dress for Harley’s daughter but he couldn’t give me $80 for a dress for his own child.  Also saw his charge card statement for Christmas- hundreds of dollars spent at Ulta, Francesca’s, American Eagle, Dick’s Sporting Good, Walmart… so nice to know he’s got extra money.
    • That same month, when he didn’t have money to pay his share of the household bills, and didn’t have money to buy his daughter a homecoming dress, he managed to have enough money to buy an approximately $4200 engagement ring for his home wrecking whore. She/He/They also spent almost $200 at Vera Bradley, over $400 at some sports store (for her kids, no doubt), hundreds on vision care, over $400 on Harley’s utilities, and more than $1500 on Harley’s lawyer so she could get her divorce. That was all in one month. Glad to see he has his priorities straight!
    • He couldn’t go out to dinner with either of his kids for their birthday because of his “issues” yet somehow he has no problem going out to eat with his dysfunctional family, his whore, or her kids.  Nice.
    • He lives here during the week and waltzes off every weekend to go be with his whore.  He is beyond bold about this.  It is more like a slap in the face.  A big “fuck you!” to all of us.
    • 30 minutes after I tell him I know he’s fucking his cousin and giving her money he asks me if we’re still having spaghetti for dinner.  And then later that evening asks again.  When I tell him no he has the nerve to ask me what there is to eat around here.
    • When his whore posts on Facebook how she is having such a sleepless night because she misses the comfort she’s grown so accustomed to my daughter flips out and sends him an angry text.  He ends up trying to turn it all around into how he’s the poor put upon victim.  He’s not welcome.  He pays all the bills.  He starves while we eat.  I guess the dumb shit is actually waiting for me to bring him a fucking plate of food still!  She never posted that!  I don’t know what you saw or what someone told you but it wasn’t her!  Then when it’s proven that it was indeed her he says he wasn’t trying to lie and he had never seen that and then continues on with his victim stance.
    • The bastard accused me of stealing every dime he makes.  Fuck you!
    • Over the course of 4 months, from the beginning of September until the end of December, he had access to approximately $30,000. He had no bills- no cell phone, no car payment (I had made the final payment with the money he believed he would owe me), no car insurance (I paid that), no rent or mortgage, no utilities. I point this out because that $30k he had access to was all fun money. By the end of December he had a little over $600 in the account. At one point there was just over $100 in it. And he wants to talk about me spending money? At least when it was me our kids had everything they needed and most of what they wanted.
    • He continues to try to justify his affair to our children.  He even told our daughter that I “didn’t take care of him.”  Oh please!  Is that why she tells me, “Mom, I would have left him years ago!  I wouldn’t have put up with half of what you put up with,”?

5 thoughts on “My Bitch List, Part 13

  1. the thing I really don’t get is is if he was spending that kind of money on her then how is it she’s ok that he’s not now? have you checked into the private detective thing? I really think maybe he’s hiding income or something because I just can’t see someone who was that greedy being ok with receiving nothing now

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    1. I don’t have money for a private detective. 😦

      My guess is she’s either waiting it out, thinking he will make big bucks later, or she’s trying to save face. She can’t very well continue to tell Tammy Faye and Pastor Fake hours much she loves them if she’s just dumped their son after he’s lost everything. Jezebel did that exact same thing.

      She thought she was walking into this life where the congregation would take care of all of their needs, pay their mortgage, send them on vacation, etc. and when it didn’t happen like that she stayed. Of course they were living in LaLa Land, so the downfall didn’t come until later.

      I don’t think he’s working, and if he is working under the table he’s not making even close to what he was. If he IS working and he hasn’t reported it or paid any support he’s going to have a lot of explaining to do at the hearing coming up. He could have potentially cashed in his 401k but there would be legal repercussions for that and there will be no way to hide it.


  2. what about the saint – is he still an ally? I’m sure the kids share some info with him – and if she made such good money why did he have to buy all that shit? pay for their cell phones etc that doesnt make sense


    1. I don’t talk to him much. I’m not sure he’s that much of an ally. Remember, he was still sleeping with her a year ago and didn’t tell CF because he didn’t want to cause her any trouble.

      I’m not sure if he’s moved on or he’s too much up her butt.

      She does make decent money. I’ve seen her paycheck deposits. But think about it. If you were making, let’s say $150,000/year and someone came along and doubled your pay that would still be a windfall regardless of whether or not you could have bought stuff for yourself. She could have paid for her own phone and that of her daughter’s but why when Prince Charming is saying, “Don’t you worry your pretty little whore head about that. I’ll take care of it.”

      I’m sure, too, that the extra $5000 or so she got each month helped fund things she might not otherwise have been able to bought, or she would have gone to jail for writing bad checks.

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