First Week Of the Rest Of My Life

I have officially completed my first week of full-time work. Yes, I’ve worked 60-70 hours a week before but that was two different part-time jobs. I was also doing full-time training for the last 2 weeks while working my part-time job. But this week was the first week of me working my full-time job, my part-time job, juggling kids and schedules, taking care of pets, doing grocery shopping, making dinner, and doing laundry. This is the first week of the rest of my life. I would say it really sucks; however, honestly, it’s just whatever. It’s not good; it’s not bad. It just is. I’m neither happy nor sad. I exist. I work. I take care of my kids. I do the things I need to get done. I can’t even say that I’m exhausted all the time, although I’m ready for bed usually by 8:00 or so. I guess working those sixteen hour days has paid off.

Monday was the day of my final exam. Yes, for $11/hour I had to take 2 quizzes and a final exam over everything that I learned. Not only did I have to do that, I had to pass with a 90% average. No pressure. Ultimately I ended up with a 95% average overall. Not bad. To be perfectly honest I would have been fine with a 90%. I wasn’t looking to be a superstar; I just wanted to pass so I could keep my full-time job.

The exam and grading took me half the day. I then headed over to the branch I’ll be working at until next Monday. I worked until 5:15. Once home I shampooed carpets.  My dogs are not used to having to hold their bladders; they are extremely spoiled animals who have been able to go out and come in at will all their lives. I did some laundry since I knew I had to go into work at 4 am the next day, and tried to catch up on dishes. My daughter had a basketball game to cheer at that evening and they were doing a special halftime performance so I left the house around 7:15 to watch her cheer. My niece and her two other cousins were at the game as well. I ended up taking her home because the other two girls needed to leave after halftime. We got home around 9:30, maybe 10:00. I got my clothes together and headed to bed.

Tuesday I was up around 3:20. I headed into work at Target. They’ve got me working in soft lines now, which is clothing. I like to look at it as a promotion because 1) they consider it cross training and 2) I no longer have to bowl (which is what they call taking the pallets out to the floor and putting the boxes where they go in the aisles). It’s not a promotion but it is easier.

I headed home so that I could take Rock Star to school. Dropped her off, went back home, finished getting ready for the bank and then went to work. I stopped off at Target after work to spend my gift card finally. I bought such luxury items as dog food, tooth paste, saline solution, and razors! I, however, forgot to buy toilet paper. I did a sheet pan dinner that night- steak, broccoli, and brussel sprouts. There were supposed to be potatoes as well but I forgot them so I just made some instant mashed potatoes.

Wednesday I didn’t work my second job so the day started off with getting ready for work and dropping Rock Star off at school. I still came home to finish getting ready and to pack my lunch. I worked at the drive-thru that day, which was new. It’s in a completely different location and I had a little bit of difficulty finding it but it all ended up okay. Rock Star worked that night, 6-10, so I hurried home to pick her up and take her to work. I’m pretty sure I did another load of laundry. Whenever I’m working more than a day at Target I like to make sure I have enough pants and shirts to get me through the work period. I picked my daughter up from work at 10, headed home, and went to bed.

Thursday started at 3:20 am. Rise and shine! I went to work at Target, headed home to pick up Rock Star, took her to school, came home to get ready for the bank, packed the rest of my lunch, and then headed off to work. I left work, grabbed Rock Star from cheerleading practice and then took her to get some dinner before she headed off to work. Then I was sent on a mission to pick up a pair of boots she had seen for $13 at Marshall’s. I procured the boots for her and then went home to make dinner for Picasso and myself. Rock Star let me know I had lucked out and she was getting off at 9 instead of 10 that night. I was still up far too late, probably until around 11.

I know I said I’m usually ready for bed around 8. It’s true. I am ready for bed and I’m usually nodding off. But once I get back home and get ready for bed I seem to be wide awake. Hence, going to bed somewhere between 10 and 11 even when my alarm goes off really early in the morning.

Friday was more of the same. Getting up at 3:20. Working at Target until a little after 7. Taking Rock Star to school. Of course, she lets me know as I’m dropping her off that Picasso was still at home. She casually says, as she’s getting out of the car, “You know Picasso is still at home, right?”

Um, how I would I know this? I left the house at a quarter til four. I came home, pulled in the driveway, honked to let her know I was there, she came out to the car and I drove her to school. At what point would I have discovered my man child was still at home?

I call him on my way home and he tells me he went out at his regular time but his bus never came. Whatever. I told him to get ready and I would take him to school once I was ready for work.

I quickly changed clothes and threw food into my lunch bag. Then we took off for his school and I continued on to the bank.

It was a crazy day there. The phones were ringing off the hook. And I swear that I feel like I know less at the end of my first week than I did at the beginning. I’m crossing my fingers that week 2 feels a little more comfortable.

When I got home I discovered my nephew was spending the weekend which was a pleasant surprise. Rock Star worked 6-10 again so I took her to and picked her up from work. I decided to just grab subs for dinner because I didn’t feel like cooking. It was that or pizza and the boys voted for subs.

Finally, today I was again up at 3:20 so that I could head into Target by 4. As I left for work I realized my niece had spent the night. I stayed until almost 10 because I could and I need the hours. I had to pick up toilet paper, sausage and biscuits for breakfast and things to make Taco Twist soup for dinner. I came home, cleaned up the kitchen while I was making biscuits and gravy and then shortly after breakfast (which didn’t take place until around 11, 11:30) I took a nap. I know I was awake when Queen B took Rock Star to work at 1 so sometime after that I laid down and fell asleep until 4.

I was awakened by barking dogs when my brother and sister-in-law stopped by to visit. I cleaned up the kitchen from the breakfast mess and eventually made my soup. My brother stayed for dinner but my sister-in-law headed home before it was done.

I’ve got four kids again tonight. Rock Star just got off work at 9:30 and she and Queen B have headed out to IHOP and Target. Last time I checked Picasso was in bed (he had a rough day of video game playing so I’m sure he’s exhausted) and my nephew is downstairs watching TV.

Tomorrow my sister-in-law, Queen B, Rock Star and I are all headed to my other niece’s boyfriend’s basketball game. Apparently there may be more family headed to the game as well. We shall see. I would like to say I’m looking forward to it but sadly anymore it seems like anything that I do just seems like a task, even things that should be fun. It’s almost like it’s on a checklist that I’m trying to get through to prove that I have this full and exciting life. I’ll write more about that later. For now I think I’m going post this entry, eat a bowl of cereal, watch the rest of Say Yes to the Dress, and then head off to bed.

8 thoughts on “First Week Of the Rest Of My Life

  1. I’m with totallycaroline! Exhausted just reading this. Hopefully cf will one day contribute and you won’t have to work 2 jobs because he’s too delicate to handle one.
    P.S. get the kids to do the dishes!


    1. I put Picasso in charge of the dishes today. He’s got no job, no outside activities so he gets dishes.

      I will never stop working two jobs because I don’t make enough money to support myself and my kids sufficiently and I will never trust that jackass to do the right thing.


  2. You are doing so amazing in terrible circumstances. Is there any prospect of the second job being only temporary?

    I worked soft lines at Target too! I actually really enjoyed it, even when people would follow me around messing up all the clothes I just refolded LOL. I was really shocked by how much people steal, I had no idea til I worked retail.


    1. Unless I get a substantial raise I don’t see the second job ever going away. I can’t trust CF to be dependable or to do the right thing so until I can make enough to live on (which doesn’t look like it will happen for many years) I’ll be working two or more jobs.

      I don’t mind working at Target. I didn’t even mind it when I was pulling pallets out to the floor and lugging boxes around. I just HATE getting up at 3:20 in the morning. It really sucks.

      How long did you work at Target?


      1. Three years, but not really, because I would work seasonally and then quit/get rehired for the holidays. Right after I sent that comment I felt bad because I realized knowing I only had 3-4 months working there is probably why I could “really enjoy” it. Plus I never had to do it with kids like you are. Sorry Sam, I was way insensitive. :-/

        I really hope you can move up at the full time job, or otherwise use it to leverage better opportunities.


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