This Is Me Screaming

I have decided I suck at my job. I can’t balance my drawer to save my life. All during training, both classroom and on the job, I balanced perfectly. Eight days on the job and I’ve been short twice. I thought I was short three times but I figured out what I did on Monday and corrected it on Tuesday which made me happy. Today, I was short again by $20. Sonofabitch! If I’m already short twice in eight days I’m not sure how the hell I’m supposed to stay under our allotted amount for the month/year. And it’s pissing me off! I guess I need to start looking for another job because this one is not working out.

I’m tired and stressed. My week so far looks like this: Monday- go in at 3 instead of 4, so up at 2:20 am instead of 3:20. Work until 7. Take my daughter to school. Get ready for the second job. Go to work from 8:45-5:15. Discover I’m $20 short for some reason. Wrack my brain trying to figure out why. Run home, pick up my daughter and take her to work. Stay awake until 9:30 when she got off (they got out early; she wasn’t supposed to be done until 10). Tuesday- Get up at 3:20, work from 4-7. Run home, take my daughter to school. Come back home, finish getting ready, go to work from 8:45-5:15. Figure out my mistake. Get very happy. Think I might be doing okay at this job. Run home. Take Picasso to a school thing for his high school from 6-7 which worked out because I had to pick Rock Star up from cheer at 6. After the school thing I grabbed something for the kids to eat and then went grocery shopping. Got home around 8. Today: I only worked one job! Got up at 6:30, started getting ready, took Rock Star to school. Came home and finished getting ready. Went to work from 8:45-5:15. Had to deal with the fact that the buses were running an hour behind and find someone to pick Picasso up so he didn’t have to sit up at the school for an hour. Lamented the fact that I could no longer be “mom” and do that for him now. Came up short again. Decided I suck at my job and need to find a new one. Ran home, took Rock Star to work. Now I’m busy downloading music and waiting out the time until 10 before I go pick her up. Tomorrow I’m off to work at 4, running home to take my daughter to school and then I’m traveling all day.

I need to dye my hair. I’m trying to download some current music onto my iPod. I haven’t downloaded anything new onto it in over three years probably.

Anyway, that’s my life right now. I’m pretty bummed. And tired.

11 thoughts on “This Is Me Screaming

  1. When I was a cashier we had a problem with being short. There was a 2 month period where it seemed all the cashiers were randomly coming up short quite frequently. Getting our write ups. It was so frustrating. Then after about two months the police stormed in and arrested the gal who managed the money in the back office! She had been slowly stealing over $300,000 and essentially blaming us cashiers.

    Anyway, funny story but I know how you feel. I made my fair share of mistakes too. Hopefully it all squares up soon.


    1. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on which way you want to look at it) I don’t think anyone is stealing. There are tons of safeguards taken to make sure we’re the only ones in our drawers so it’s almost impossible for someone to slip some out. And I’m finding it immediately when I end the day. I’m writing it up as me being incompetent.

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  2. You are just running. You’re doing exceptionally well just keeping up at all. Not many people could. You should be proud of yourself for doing what it takes. You’re an exceptional mom. Hopefully one day (and hopefully one day won’t be that far away) you’ll be in a position that you won’t need but one job. You deserve a BIG break! Hugs!!!

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  3. I worked a register at my very first job came up short a few times – you have to be VERY careful when giving change ALWAYS count it out to them carefully. Don’t worry about how you’re holding up the line etc.


    1. That’s the thing. I count it THREE times! Once taking it out, once putting it into our calculator, and once back to the customer. Sometimes I even count it four times!

      And I’ve worked a register before. I did it in high school and I did it through most of college. I was never short then, or if I was I was off by a few cents. So I don’t know what the problem is. I guess I’m just going to have to go even slower than I am already am.


  4. Hey I’ve been at my job a year and there are weeks that I’m sure I’ll get fired because I have so many mistakes. It’s a process. You are tired and running in fight or flight stress mode and that makes for stupid mistakes that take forever to figure out because your brain gets in some mode that it can’t see the problem because you’ve been staring at it for too long.


    1. Thanks. I hope I figure it out soon. The sad part is yesterday I didn’t even work both jobs. I was able to get up at 6:30 like a normal person and still made a mistake at some point. The worst part is not knowing when or where it happened.

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