A Wish Not Granted

I was thinking about whether or not there would be so much overwhelming evidence that Cousinfucker is indeed fucking his cousin that a judge might ask me if I wanted him to grant me an immediate divorce on the grounds of adultery. I know it wouldn’t happen but for a moment I paused and pondered.

At first I thought, “Oh hell yes! Grant me that divorce.” Then I remembered that we would still need to come to a settlement agreement. Just an FYI: I have psychic powers. I can tell you right now that he is not going to like the settlement I am asking for.

I also realized that if a judge did indeed grant me a divorce the day we’re in court for the show-cause then it would be granted twenty years to the day after my first miscarriage and one year to the day after he walked out the door with absolutely no notice whatsoever. So… no thank you.

It’s a little bittersweet to think that twenty years ago we were standing together in our shared sorrow over the loss of our first baby. I remember his mom telling me that once I was under for the surgery he went out to call her and told her he couldn’t live without me and didn’t know what he would do if I didn’t make it. I’m even willing to cut him some slack and not make a big deal out of his dramatics. I was going in for a D&C, not a heart transplant. Still, at the time, it was sweet.

It’s almost hard to believe that he’s gone from not knowing how he would deal with my death to treating me with such disrespect and disdain. Seriously. You would think it had been me cheating on him and funneling his money off to a lover and his kids instead of the other way around.


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