Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

The title itself is a lie. There will be no statistics in this entry. Only lies and damn lies.

I got a chance to see Cousinfucker’s answers to the interrogatories. Wow! That man can lie and lie and lie. It never gets old for him.

According to him, I opened up the loan for the pool in his name. Um… no, that’s not how that happened at all. I did the research. I made the phone calls. Nothing unusual about that. It’s not like he ever took the initiative on stuff like this. Once the research was done he came home and I told him what I had found out and told him he needed to be the one who filled out the application online. He did. Can someone please explain to me how that is me opening up a loan in his name?

I opened up a credit card in his name and without his knowledge. Another lie. This particular credit card was opened up when we opened our bank account back in 2001. We, as in, together. We sat there together in the office and opened the account and were told that we were receiving this card. As my brother noted, “That’s fifteen years of statements showing up in his bank records. He never once noticed it?” No, he probably didn’t because he never wanted to be bothered by financial matters. So long as he had enough in the account to buy whatever it was he wanted then he was happy.

These next three weren’t so much lies as they were indignant whining about shit he had no business whining about. Crybaby complaint #1- I closed our joint checking account down without his knowledge or permission! Crybaby complaint #2- I had a garage sale without his knowledge and most of the furnishings were gone. Crybaby complaint #3- He was once again putting it out there that he was “forced to vacate” the family home in March.

My rebuttal to crybaby complaint #1- Why the fuck does he even care whether or not the account was closed? I closed that account after he informed me that he was no longer going to send me any more money. He hadn’t used that account in 9 months! He was busy using his joint checking account with the whore. It’s not like he had a car payment coming out of that account and when I closed it down he got hit with fees. I had no choice but to close it down at that point. The mortgage came out automatically; the bank was telling me there was no way for them to stop payment because it was something we had set up. CF was the one who set it up and he sure as hell wasn’t going to give me that information! So what’s the big deal exactly, aside from the fact that thousands of dollars weren’t coming out of what was essentially my damn checking account to take care of bills that he left us with and had no intention of helping to pay?

He also went on to say that I took $27,000 out of savings and then closed that account as well. Not exactly, Liar Liar Pants on Fire. I took the $27,000 back in August. The savings account got closed when the checking account was closed.

Rebuttal to crybaby complaint #2- Again, why the fuck does he care? I’m the one that went through everything. I’m the one who priced everything. I’m the one that was up at 5 am, dragging shit out. I’m the one that was out in the searing, humid heat for two or three days. Would it have mattered if I had told him? Was he going to come up and sit outside with us while we sold off items? Did he really want to be a part of this or is he just looking to whine about something and cast himself as a hapless victim of the big ol’ mean garage sale-ing ex? Oh, I think we have a winner!

Rebuttal to crybaby complaint #3- Can someone please explain to me how it is possible that a person can resign from a job in late January, take another job in a state 7 hours away in early February, and then claim to be forced out of the marital home in March? I’m positive that January and February both come before March, therefore I’m going to need a little help understanding how a person can be forced out of a place when they’ve already moved. Additionally, and on a much smaller WTF scale, the temporary orders never said he had to vacate the premises. They said he needed to vacate the premises OR begin paying rent. That OR is very important. It’s what separates having a choice from not having a choice. It’s really all a moot point anyway because the most important part of this crybaby complaint rebuttal is the fact that Cousinfucker had already voluntarily resigned his job and moved seven hours away. It’s not like we lived in a border state and he could claim that while he did indeed quit his job in Arizona and take one in Nevada that it was only a 30 minute commute. It was seven freaking hours away! Was his argument that despite leaving us every single weekend for the past 6 months he had now decided to come “home” on the weekends? Was he planning on bringing the whore with him or was he going to get enough of her nasty pussy during the week when he was only two hours away from her? Yet another example of him being the poor put upon cheating victim suffering at the hands of the big ol’ nasty cheated on wife.

Hey I do have a statistic for you: I hate him 100%

8 thoughts on “Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

  1. what I don’t understand is why his lawyer doesn’t clue him in that some of this stuff sounds ridiculous and can be proven to be untrue?

    I am NEVER getting married again – I might draw up a legal contract but it won’t be a marriage one. lol

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    1. Thank you!

      I think they believe it. In his mind he is absolutely the victim in all of this. I didn’t love him. I used him. I stole all of his money. I turned his kids against him. I treated him poorly. I never cared about him. That’s his story. Doesn’t dovetail with the truth but that’s not a problem for him.

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      1. Actually, I’m a little surprised she’s hung in there as long as she has. Then again, she is used to being the breadwinner and if you think about it that gives her some power over him. She gets to call the shots. Plus, I recall The Saint saying she has a savior complex. There’s a lot of saving to do with Cousinfucker. Then, you have the fact that if she dumps him now she loses face with all of their relatives, including his parents and sister who she has worked very hard to convince that she is the best thing out there for him. Finally, maybe he is somehow working under the table or pilfering money from the 401k so they’re still living an upscale lifestyle. I wouldn’t be surprised if their plan was for him to get off the hook for child and spousal support and for him to then look for a job. Get out from underneath all his obligations and then start fresh with her pocketing thousands each month while the kids and I go without.

        Frankly, I hope he marries the cunt face cum dumpster and THEN learns she’s cheating on him. I want him entangled deep before he gets out.


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