My Valentine

I’ve been mostly ignoring Valentine’s Day these past two years, and I’ve been struggling with lots of self defeating thoughts recently. I had a little pep talk with myself at lunch yesterday and in keeping with my theme of not letting the bastard keep me down I went out and bought my kids a little Valentine’s Day gift. Nothing elaborate- a Hershey cupid and a bag of Lindor chocolates which they love.

After Rock Star got home from work she gave me the Valentine she had made for me.


Isn’t that the sweetest thing? It pretty much made my night. I know I’m loved but I’m glad to see she thinks I’m strong and powerful. She’s wrong but I’m still glad she thinks it’s true.

I wonder if any of  Cousinfucker’s four fake kids made him anything for Valentine’s Day. He tossed his real children aside for those little fuckers and their whore mother’s nasty ass pussy so I hope it was worth it. I may hate my life. I may dread getting up every single day, but at least my kids love me. Cousinfucker threw that away.




4 thoughts on “My Valentine

  1. You are strong and powerful. You have two great kids that wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for their amazing mother. Just because you made one little mistake of marrying a piece of shit (which by the way most of us have), doesn’t make you weak. Chances are if your marrying a man, he’s gonna proof to be a prick. They were designed that way.


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