The Saint, Part 1

September 2014

I’ve always thought it would be interesting to hear how her husband felt about mine. I wonder what kind of movie runs through his mind when/if he thinks of their affair. I mean even with my limited knowledge I know how I feel about his wife. I think she’s a manipulative, conniving homewrecking whore with no morals, no conscience, and no sense of right or wrong beyond what she wants. But I wonder if the Saint sees Zack the same way. Does he think of him as the callous sonofabitch that swooped in and seduced his naive wife? I figure the Saint has a hell of a lot more information than I do. He was married to an idiot, a self absorbed idiot, who left her phone out. So I’m sure he saw plenty of texts between the two of them. Saw their conversations and their plans for a happy future together. I wasn’t privy to that. Was that because my husband actually cared, while she didn’t? She wanted out and onto the next one while he was hedging his bets? That makes it so much better. So I wonder. How does he view my husband? Is he the great love of her life or just one in a long string of her affairs? Does he understand why it happened or does he blame it all on Zack? Does he blame her? Is he mad at her still? Does he hold my husband more responsible than his wife? I’m not sure who I blame more. Yes, he’s the one that made vows to me. He shouldn’t have cheated. She’s the one who rushed in to play footsie with a married man. She should have walked away. I think I hold them equally responsible. They both knew what they were doing. And if my husband is to be believed they weren’t fooling around when he complimented her picture, which was the end of April. I think the 24th or 26th. It rapidly went from “You look fantastic!” from him to “My marriage isn’t all that great,” from her to “I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.” No more than 2 weeks. So they both knew exactly what they were doing. And her telling him her life wasn’t all that great and her marriage wasn’t so rosy was a blatant come on. He had complimented her, probably more vigorously than a married man should have, and she was laying the bait trap. I know that makes it sound like I hold her more responsible. I don’t; I simply happen to think she’s extremely conniving and manipulative. He shouldn’t have been sniffing around but she knew exactly what was happening and never even tried to stop it. She ran full speed ahead. He was her out. He was going to ride in on the white horse and rescue her from her not so rosy marriage. I don’t know if that’s how The Saint sees things. Probably not. I wouldn’t be surprised if he feels Zack is every bit as conniving and manipulative as I see his wife. One thing I do know though is when the Saint discovered their affair a second time she told Zack she wasn’t going to do anything about it because she didn’t care if he knew. I think that speaks volumes.

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