Evil’s Victory May Be a Little Premature

By now you must know that I’m a pessimist at heart. I have to be in order to get through everything that’s been done to me and my kids these last 18 months. I did, however, just recently get the papers back from court with the judge’s ruling.

Remember how I said that I wasn’t sure if he was fined because he didn’t show up for court or because he was found to be willfully not paying support and therefore in contempt of the court order? Turns out he was found to be willfully not paying support and therefore in contempt of the court order. And, that $10,000 fine is payable to me. Thank you very much!

Furthermore, the judge noted that CF left his job in Whoreville to take another job making $50,000 less and that he was discharged due to his own bad behavior. He also noted that part of the reason temporary spousal support was awarded was so that I could pay the mortgage and marital debt. Once CF stopped paying me those bills stopped being paid. So in essence the judge did continue to impute his wages for purposes of child support but he cut spousal support due to the fact that the household bills were no longer being paid by me. While I am obviously not happy about spousal support being slashed, or that CF got a break, ultimately the judge did recognize that his job loss was due to his own fault and he would not impute his wages at a lower earning rate.

It was also reiterated that while temporary support was reduced it was without prejudice and should not affect permanent spousal or child support.

The best part though, to me, is the fact that he was indeed held in contempt for not paying his support AND his wages were imputed. If Harley is taking on all of his bills then the bitch better start writing me a goddamn check. Maybe her kids need to suffer some consequences for their mother being a whore.

Sorry, kids. We can’t… go out to eat… buy you your fancy dress… go shopping… go on Spring Break… buy hundreds of dollars worth of sporting equipment… because I need to pay CF’s wife her support. That’s what happens when you fuck around with a married man.  Yes, kids, your “stepdad” is still married to his wife. I’m just a common whore. And now since I wanted him so badly I get to pay all of his bills, including his support payments. Sorry there won’t be any extras for you and your siblings, but you don’t want him to go to jail, do you? Who would make you pancakes and go to show and tell with you?

Personally, I think if you get involved with a married person you should have to assume their liabilities. You want him/her? Then you get to help that person pay their bills. ALL of them. Congratulations! While I know that will never come to pass I would like to think that the karma bus is slowly catching up to them.

9 thoughts on “Evil’s Victory May Be a Little Premature

    1. He has until our divorce hearing in May to pay it. If it’s not paid then he pays the additional $10,000 to me.

      Guess what? I still haven’t received a dime! I’m thinking he’s just going to ignore it. What does he care how many times he’s fined if he never pays and he’s never thrown in jail?


      1. I hope so! My attorney said she thinks the judge might not think he can do that since he’s no longer in state. The state where I am now just changed non payment of child support to a felony and my brother says they’ve extradited people from California and Texas, so if I have to I’ll transfer my case here. Child support follows the child.

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