Track Season Is Going To Kill Me!

I think I’ve mentioned that Rock Star decided to participate in track this season. Before she began she told me that they practice every day and also on Saturday from 10:30-12:30.

No problem. I don’t usually stay any longer than 9:50 at Target on Saturdays because I don’t want to have to clock out for a lunch. I can easily get home in time to get her up to the school by 10:30.

Last week she tells me track practice actually begins at 10. She got the time wrong. Okay. No big deal. I’ll just plan on leaving no later than 9:30. Unless I plan on making her breakfast in which case I should probably leave by 8 or 8:30.

First track meet comes up. “Mom, I’ve got to be up at the school by 7:30.” Well shit! Now I’m going to have to leave work by 7, which means no extra hours and no break once again.

Then last night as I’m picking her up from the basketball game that went into double overtime which meant I didn’t pick her up until almost 10:30 she tells me she needs to be up at the school by 7:15. Um… that’s not going to happen. I simply cannot do it. I can’t leave until 7. She ended up calling her aunt and she came and got her and took her to the school this morning.

She goes on to tell me that next week she has another track meet and she will need to be up at the school by 6:30! Again, that’s not going to happen on my end. I’m already scheduled to work and I can’t leave until 7. I don’t know what she’s going to do. I suggested spending the night with her teammate.

I don’t live in the Sahara Desert. I’m not sure why these track meets are starting so early. It’s actually quite cold here right now and that’s not out of the ordinary for this time of year. It’s not like they’re hoping to get all the running out of the way before the sun comes up and threatens to dehydrate all the athletes.

This is the month she is supposed to get her license. It cannot come soon enough!

6 thoughts on “Track Season Is Going To Kill Me!

  1. Ahhh track season – 6 years (my son started in junior high). He would say to me “mom, I need to be at school by 4:45, bus leaves at 5” and I would say (incredulously) “in the MORNING?” Every. Freaking. Time. For 6 years. Meets would typically begin at 7:45 or 8, end around 4 in the afternoon. So yeah, totally feeling your pain.


  2. I’m an early morning runner and I see the track team at 6 am already doing their thing on the road before school starts.


  3. Very normal. Our girls’ track team is the long-time national champion for teams… many friends are understandably weary of it. Those teams – boys and girls – are running all.over.the.village. ALL.THE.TIME. lol – they’re obsessed. They’ll even go out for runs on their own through the woods… they used to whizz past us on hikes when our kids were little. In the rain, snow, up those awful, muddy hills by the river.


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