Judge Not!

I just love cheaters, their cheating partners and all of their apologists. Okay, I don’t. That was a heavy dose of sarcasm. You got me!

I do find it interesting how they are all so much alike. And I love their poor pitiful reaction to being judged. How dare we? People just need to be a little more open minded. Because apparently if you’re open minded you’re fine with people lying and cheating. Oh, you’re probably not okay with them lying to and cheating on YOU but you are very okay with them doing that to someone else.

I find that to be one of the most interesting things that they complain about. It’s almost like lying and cheating aren’t really the problem. The problem is judging liars and cheaters.

Oh you’ve been lying to your wife and cheating on her? That’s no big deal. No judgement here from me. I’m all about being open minded and seeing all the various shades of gray.

What? There are people out there who won’t talk to you anymore because you’re fucking another woman who happens to not be your wife? Your kids won’t have anything to do with you? Your wife refuses to be friends now that you’ve discarded her like yesterday’s trash? Excuse me. I mean now that you’ve set her free to find her own happiness. There are people who tell you that what you’ve done is wrong? How dare they? THAT is so WRONG! How can they judge you? Don’t they realize affairs aren’t black and white? They are all sorts of shades of gray. In fact, life is gray. That’s why you’re so unhappy and need to cheat on your wife. Because cheating and lying make you happy and you deserve to be happy. And your wife probably deserved to be cheated on. Look at her behavior upon finding out the truth. She won’t be friends with you! There is definitely something wrong with that woman! I can’t believe there are people out there that still believe cheating on your spouse is wrong. Don’t they realize there are all sorts of REASONS a person might cheat? Seriously! If you have a really good reason then it’s okay!

Yes, folks, the problem isn’t with the people who lie to and cheat on their spouses. No, the problem is with the people who have the audacity to tell those people that they are doing something wrong and they are not good people. Those are the real villains and cheaters and their apologists will never forget to remind you of that.

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