Saturday Saturday

Every time I type that I hear Elton John singing: Saturday. Saturday. Saturday. Saturday. Regardless, Saturday has been on my mind because I’ve decided it is my favorite day of the week right now. You would think it would be Sunday since I have that entire day off but no- it is actually Saturday.

Saturdays I get up early in the morning, which I HATE but I’m off usually by 9 or 9:30, if not earlier and then I have the rest of the day free. Plus, I don’t have to worry about what time to go to bed because I don’t have to get up the next day. Granted, I’m usually passed out by 8:30, 9:00 but I could stay up until 11 or 12 if I wanted to and I could sleep in the following day.

I usually come home and run Rock Star someplace, but the times she’s not off at an early hour I make breakfast for the three of us. Then I can spend the rest of the day doing whatever. Sometimes it’s catching up on laundry or cleaning the house. Other times it’s going out with J or watching TV or writing some blog entries. It’s almost like not working except I have to get up really early and I get paid a little bit of money.

I like Sundays because I don’t have to get up at 3:20 but later in the afternoon I start to dread everything because I know I’m going to have to get up early the next morning. Add in the fact that the weekend is over and now I’m looking at working both jobs the following day….

There was a short period of time (like two or three weeks) where I would get Sunday and Monday off. That was nice because I still had Saturday mostly free, then I could really enjoy Sunday and Monday was only working one job. But alas the slow period hasn’t been so slow and I’m usually working five days a week at both jobs. I did get a third day off this week- Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. They’re making up for it next week though. We get an additional truck on Wednesday so I’m working Monday-Friday.

Next weekend though I get Saturday AND Sunday off! I haven’t had two consecutive days off since the beginning of February, and that was only so that I could go to court. I don’t count that time period because it was no fun! Before that I couldn’t tell you when I last had two days in a row off.

I will really be enjoying Saturday next week!

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