Due Dates and D-Days

October 2014

How about an actual status update? I’m meeting my husband for lunch this afternoon. His suggestion. We talked for about 45 minutes this morning before he went to work. He didn’t want to go because he wanted to stay with me all day. He asked me to marry him again. He told me he wanted to have another baby so I couldn’t leave him for another 18 years. I believe he said he wanted me to be tied to him for another 18 years. And, the pool guy is coming today to go over options with me.

Present Day Sam Says:  This was October, everybody!  He’s telling me he wants to renew his vows and wishes we could have another baby in October and eight months later he’s sending the whore money.  This means that if I had gotten pregnant a month or two after his declaration of wanting another baby with me so I would be tied to him, he would have been cheating on me when I was pregnant!  My due date would have been right around the time I found out about him and Harley.  Huh- my due date and D-Day could have coincided.  Wouldn’t that have been wonderful?



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