The Donut Discussions

With Rock Star driving she is more than willing to go and pick up food- using my money of course. She’s saving up for a car so her philosophy is she can’t spend any money. That doesn’t stop her from wanting stuff; she just wants me to purchase it for her.

A week or so ago she offers to go to Dunkin’ Donuts and get some donuts. Okay. Fine. I like donuts. I bet Janelle doesn’t eat them, but much like the Marshmallow Fruit Loops, I love them and indulge. I tell her I want a chocolate glazed donut. What does that look like in your mind?

See, in my mind there are two different types of donuts. There is the cake donut and then there is the yeast donut, which is what I think of when I think of a regular glazed donut.  So when I asked for a chocolate glazed donut I was envisioning a regular glazed yeast donut that had a chocolate frosting on top. Instead I get a chocolate cake donut that is glazed, much like my beloved blueberry donuts. Or pumpkin donuts. Those are delicious, too.

Today she goes out again. I let her know I want a chocolate glazed donut, NOT a chocolate cake glazed donut. We then begin debating the correct terminology.

She swears a chocolate glazed donut is the half-eaten one on the right and that what I deem a chocolate glazed donut is in fact correctly called a cake donut. She even got the donut guy in on our argument and he sided with her.


Personally, I think they are both wrong. I will continue to call it by its proper name: a chocolate glazed donut.

6 thoughts on “The Donut Discussions

  1. Sam, I freaking LOVE donuts and would be eating them daily if overall health concerns put the kibosh on that. I’m with you – the half eaten chocolate is a chocolate cake donut, the other one a regular chocolate donut. Who are these strange young people staffing your Dunkin Donuts? Do they teach them nothing in donut training school? For my very occasional donut fix, I go to the small biz guy on the corner. When I say “chocolate donut” he hands me the one on the left.

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    1. Stopped in at my local donut shop and asked. Got 1 chocolate RAISED donut (as they are called around here) and 1 cake donut with chocolate frosting. My husband now hates us both because I bought donuts into the house to share with the explanation that I was doing research for a blog friend. 🙂

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  2. Your daughter is right. Punctuation would help enormously though. A chocolate-glazed donut is what you mean. A chocolate, glazed donut is what she brought you.

    “A donut with chocolate glazing, please!” And you’re good. 😛

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  3. Dunkin’ Donuts calls them weird names. I think they call their “chocolate glazed” a “chocolate iced”. The chocolate donut is just that… a “chocolate donut”. Haha.


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