Another Laugh

Okay, this probably isn’t really that funny but I found it humorous.

As I may have written our divorce hearing was scheduled for May 5th. Cousinfucker had until that date to pay me the arrears he owed or he would be fined an additional $10,000.

A few weeks ago we get notice of an expert witness who will testify for him at our divorce trial; therefore, my attorney asked for a continuance so that we could find an expert witness of our own and so that she could discover what all his expert witness would be testifying to.

In the correspondence between the two lawyers, and in the eventual motion that went before the judge, his lawyer tells mine that she doesn’t think her client will object to the continuance so long as we agree not to file another show-cause in the meantime.

Ha! He knows damn well he hasn’t paid a dime in support since May. He got his damn support lowered and still hasn’t paid a dime. He hasn’t paid his arrears and he hasn’t paid his current support obligations either. More than likely he will pay the arrears from June through January, but anything he owes me from February, March, and potentially April will be put on hold. Wonder when, if ever, I will get that?

Nevertheless, it still made me laugh. He knows he’s an ass. He knows I’ve got him by the short hairs and he’s doing his best to stay out of jail.

Um, I don’t care if we have a continuance, just please don’t put me in jail!!!!

My brother kept telling me I should file another show-cause to keep his ass in a sling. But no. As always, I waited and watched to see what would happen. One of these days I’m just going to act without thinking about it. It will probably be a disaster. Keep it up, asshole. I’ve got no sympathy left for you. It might not happen today, or even tomorrow, but I’m confident there is a jail cell with your name on it! You’re running out of chances.

Update: Obviously this was written before I received the check for 8 months worth of back support. Now he only owes me for February through April. Still wondering when, or if, I’ll see any of that, or if he’ll begin paying his court ordered support on a regular basis.

4 thoughts on “Another Laugh

    1. I don’t know what he plans on doing with his so called expert witness now that he’s working again and making far more than the mere $30,000 he claimed he would be able to make in the future. He’s a nub.


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