What Is He Up To?

About a week ago Picasso got a package in the mail from CF. It was an odd assortment of gifts. A pair of cheap binoculars, a hand shovel that has a bottle opener among other things on it, chili mix, bacon flavored hot chocolate (yuck!), jerky, and a flask. I would nominate him as Father of the Year, being an alcoholic and giving his teenage son a flask but I bought Picasso one when he was about 10. It had Christmas lights on it and he thought it was just the coolest thing ever. He drank water and pop out of it.

Now Rock Star has received a package.

What is up with him and why can’t he ever manage to get both of his kids something at the same time? I realize in normal families you might buy something for one kid and not buy something for another. That’s the way it goes sometimes. But when you haven’t laid eyes on your kids since February of 2016 you might want to make sure it doesn’t appear as though you are thinking of one kid and not thinking of the other.

How is it he’s able to afford gifts for his kids but he can’t afford to pay support? An even better question is who exactly is paying for this? Is the whore helping him out? I don’t want anything she’s had a part of in this house.

Is he trying to appear the doting dad from afar in preparation for court? Yes, sending a $45 gift once in the 14 months since you’ve seen your kids totally makes up for your abandonment.

13 thoughts on “What Is He Up To?

  1. Gosh this reminds my of my childhood and my own deadbeat dad. We wouldn’t hear from him for months, even though he lived in the same small town, and then every once in awhile he’d show up & we (my sibs and I) were expected to act like it was a super special event that meant so much. ( If anything, we pitied him, for being so clueless.). We knew we were better off without him. It never ceases to amaze me how similar some stories can be, even though mine happened 30 years ago.


  2. sounds like to me that it was a bunch of stuff he had that he didn’t want so he regifted it in his delusional idea that it would make him look good or something totally clueless


  3. What was in Rockstar’s?

    Picasso’s sounds like CF is *alluding* to a camping/nature excursion with his son this summer… sick, as if he’ll want to go off with HIM after being abandoned like that. What a disordered weirdo.


  4. I just don’t understand how someone can just be ok with not seeing their kids after living with them for their whole life – that right there shows exactly what a disordered person he is – and to me certainly won’t look good to any judge especially if you have evidence of him traveling all that time to see the whore


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