The Platinum Rose of Doom

December 2014

Today is our anniversary. 20 years. It’s going OK so far. I had a brief moment where I thought, “Wow! 20 years with the same person. What an achievement.” And then I realized it really wasn’t because I was not the only person for 20 years. He cheated on me with Harley. He told her he loved her, that our marriage was dead. He told his sister he loved Harley and that she made him happy. He told his nephew he was going to marry her.

So, Happy Anniversary. 20 years. 2nd anniversary we’ve celebrated since you cheated on me. 1 year post affair. I suppose that’s how they’ll all be counted from now on. See why I don’t post it on my page? That’s a huge mouthful and I’m not sure everyone would be comfortable with all that information. And yet, it feels kind of false to mention 20 years and not put the asterisk by it. I mean, if I’m going to celebrate 20 years of marriage and have people gush, “Happy Anniversary!” to me then I would prefer they know the truth.

Them: Wow- 20 years. That’s a lot of years. Same person for 20 years. Me: Oh, we only made it 20 years because I didn’t leave his ass summer of 2013 when I found out he was fucking around with Harley Buttwipe WhoreFace. It’s not been the same person for 20 years. It’s been me and at least one whore.

He bought me a very expensive platinum dipped rose in a display box. I guess 20 years is platinum. He was very, very proud of it. Said he researched it and everything. He told me I should take a picture of it and post it. Maybe I’ll do that here. I didn’t want to disappoint him and tell him I no longer announce our anniversary. And I can’t exactly post a picture of a rose, dipped in platinum and colored blue, announcing he bought it for me for no reason. Maybe I could post it and just say: Here is the gift Zack bought me. He was very proud of it and wanted me to post it on Facebook. Ta-da! If anyone asks why he bought it I can lie and say it’s an early Christmas present. Hey- maybe that’s how I should view all anniversary gifts from now on. An early Christmas gift.

I’m not thrilled with the gift, if I’m being honest. I can see it now. Someone comes over, notices the flower in a case, hanging on the wall, and asks about it. Me: Oh that? That’s a real flower dipped in platinum. I got that for our 20 year anniversary. He researched it and everything. Some women get jewelry or trips for their 20th anniversary, but not me! No, I have a genuine rose dipped in platinum to hang on my walls and mock me forever. Could have bought me diamonds. Hell, he could have stuck with the theme and bought me platinum jewelry. But no, I have a platinum dipped rose. I’m so lucky. And the best part is he spent $175 on this! $100 for the flower itself and $75 for the case. SMDH

In conclusion this anniversary doesn’t suck. The gift kinda does, and I feel bad about that because I know he’s really proud of it. I’m not ready to cry like I was last year. I’m not thinking of leaving him. So I guess that’s good.

Present Day Sam Says: Little did I know at the time that this was the last anniversary we would “celebrate” again. Eight months later to the day I would find out he was once again involved with Harley. I would spend my next “anniversary” with my kids.

3 thoughts on “The Platinum Rose of Doom

    1. Shit gets real with most of the rest of these Blasts From the Past. This is when he really started to go downhill and I started sliding right with him. Damn! I was being gaslighted and didn’t even realize it until only recently.


  1. that’s how it is – that’s why writing journals is so helpful you can see later exactly how you were being manipulated and you have a record of exactly what happened that can’t be changed

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