A Friend Request From Jezebel

December 2014

Merry Christmas to me. This year I got a friend request from my traitorous sister-in-law. No, thank you. I still have the knife with which you stabbed me lodged firmly in my back. And you never know when my husband might decide he’s madly in love with someone else and we both know once he’s done with me you no longer know my name. So let’s not even bother. Of course, my daughter caved and I’m sure she’ll be kissing her ass in no time. Little traitor. I suppose I need to act like an adult and encourage her relationship with her aunt. But I don’t wanna!

Present Day Sam Says: Not even two months later that bitch is begging him to leave me. With friends like her who would need enemies, am I right? Now she’s busy telling Harley and CF that she “loves them both!”




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