Another Mother’s Day In the Books

As you may recall I had my first D-Day Mother’s Day weekend. That was when CF finally decided to ‘fess up that he had been “texting” other women. Sadly, this is not uncommon. I think many cheaters take perverse delight in sabotaging absolutely everything they can.

I had two more Mother’s Days with him before the final nail in the coffin. I couldn’t really tell you what happened on either of those days. I seem to recall the last one he left it up to the kids to do their own thing. I probably got flowers. Maybe… He was probably already back in contact with Harley the whore so he was already beginning the discard.

I’d like to tell you that I had an amazing time on Mother’s Day last year but I honestly don’t remember what I did. I think we went to church and then maybe out to eat afterwards. I’m sure Rock Star bought me a gift.

I was kind of dreading the holiday this year. I’ve been dreading pretty much every holiday for almost a year now. But it was pretty decent. We had a full weekend, mostly celebrating my mom.

On Mother’s Day my brother and I took her out for brunch. My two kids came along, one of his and my other brother’s daughter came along as well. Rock Star had to work but the rest of us, minus my brother, ended up going to see a movie. Then we headed back to the house for a cookout.

I got candy and a gift card from Rock Star. I never got around to taking Picasso out to get me a gift so I struck out there.

I have to say I think I prefer my Mother’s Day celebrations without Cousinfucker over the ones with him. I think I was always expecting him to do something really nice for me and he usually couldn’t be bothered. He would usually send me flowers but that’s about as far as it would go. I was generally the one loading the kids in the car and heading down to my mom’s house for the day while he remained back at home, relaxing and doing his own thing.

Maybe it’s simply the fact that my kids are older now so they’re able to do things for me on their own, or I’m not craving some time to myself like I did when they were small.

Here’s to hoping for a few more pleasant Mother’s Day weekends.

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