Kitty Has Some Claws

Meow! Rock Star has been cutting back on social media lately. She rarely posts on Facebook, using mainly SnapChat. But when a big holiday comes up she will generally acknowledge me and tag me in her post.

Not surprisingly this happened over this past weekend. She had a collage of pictures (and a very awful one of me with my eyes closed! Plus a lovely SnapChat video of me reacting to her frantic phone call only to ask me to get a bug out of her room.) and thanked me for being the best mom in the world.

I have unfriended most of CF’s family but Rock Star has not, so whenever she posts something like this they can see. The sister-in-law that has “reached out” a few times commented and wished me a Happy Mother’s Day. Then Tammy Faye’s sister wished me a Happy Mother’s Day as well and then commented on how beautiful Rock Star was.

Normally, my child ignores anyone from that side of the family. Why she doesn’t just unfriend them all I do not know. Instead she ignores them. She will like everyone else’s comments or reply back, but she completely ignores them.

Not yesterday. After the comment about how beautiful she is she replied with this little ditty: My mom is beautiful too, inside and out!

You see why I have such a freaking complex? They gush over the whore left and right, telling her how beautiful she is yet they never commented on my pictures like that. They will gush over a picture of my daughter (who is indeed absolutely beautiful) while she’s posing with me and say nothing about me. It’s enough to give me the vapors!

But yesterday kitty cat showed her claws. And no, I did not say a word to her about it. It came as a complete surprise to me. Thank you, Rock Star!

4 thoughts on “Kitty Has Some Claws

  1. Kids are smart and she’s probably noticed them doing this her entire life. It seems rude for them to do that and she stepped up and called them out on it. Good for her. I mean, weren’t you the one treated badly here?!? Why are hey punishing you? People are odd. Good for your daughter. She’s saying, “My beautiful Mother kicks ass!”

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    1. Absolutely. I’m sure he’s been spreading horror stories about me so they truly think I’m this horrible, horrible person who kept him down and used him and abused him. Nonetheless, he’s the one having an affair with his cousin. He’s living with her, in fact.

      I was rather surprised by her response since, as I said, she usually just ignores them. But I agree: Good for her!

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