O.M.G. I have no words.

I had kids over a weekend or so ago and they had the TV turned to MTV. Does anyone remember when they actually played music videos? That was the M in MTV. Now they play all kinds of ridiculous stuff. So… I’m watching a commercial for one of their new shows called… you guessed it… Prom-posal.

This show is all about extravagant invitations to the prom, or prom-posals. Once again I have to say: O.M.G! What in the hell is wrong with simply asking, “Hey, do you want to go to the prom with me?”

No, instead these kids have elaborate proposals that rival marriage proposals. What is left to look forward to?  Talk about setting yourself up for some high expectations. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that this isn’t some guy sending a pizza with, “Will you go to prom with me?” spelled out in pepperoni.

If you want to know why marriage is so disposable today look no further. It’s all about the show and it starts early. They’re taught to focus on the glitter and the glitz and never learn to look beyond those early days of excitement.

I once saw an elaborate marriage proposal on Facebook. Somehow the guy made a movie trailer, had it spliced in with the previews and had it play when his girlfriend went to the movies with her family. I hope she wasn’t looking forward to seeing that movie because if I thought I was going to see a movie and then received a marriage proposal right before I’m not sure I could concentrate on the movie anymore. I can’t shift like that. I’d be all like, “Dude, I was planning on watching a movie and now I’ve just gotten engaged. You ruined the movie for me! Awesome proposal, btw. Please try not to cheat on me twenty years down the road!”

I had friends tell me once that we were going to my favorite restaurant for my birthday. I’m like, “Oh yes! Chips and salsa! Virgin daiquiris (I was in high school at the time).” Turned out to be a surprise party. I really appreciated the surprise but, dude, chips and salsa!

If you want to surprise me try asking me to do something I won’t be excited about doing. “Hey, you wanna come with me to the vet’s while I get my dog’s anal glands secreted?” I won’t be bummed out at all if that trip turns out to be a big surprise party.

I really got off track there, didn’t I? Eh. These posts don’t all have to be winners.

Speaking of proms, my daughter went to hers with some friends. I was scheduled to work late that night so I missed helping her get ready and being able to take pictures of her at home. Instead I gave her money to pay for everything, my mom took pictures as it progressed, and she came out to where I was working so I could see her before she left.

Naturally, I burst into tears upon seeing her. She was so beautiful. And naturally my mom was all like, “Turn around! Let me get a picture!” Then I’m all like, “Mom! I’m crying right now!” But we both wiped our eyes and smiled for the camera. I hate missing this stuff but I’m learning to make the best of it.

She went and had a great time. Her friend apparently has a college boyfriend who didn’t want to go to the prom (obviously he has not watched Prom-posal or even know it exists!) but he did go to dinner with them and brought along a date for my daughter. I didn’t hear about that until the morning. Nonetheless, I’m happy she’s happy. I sure do love my girl.

2 thoughts on “Prom-posal

  1. I’m with you. The theatrics are getting ridiculous. My 22 yr old daughter now dreams of her deadbeat army reserve boyfriend proposing to her in some hyped up manner, has her whole military wedding planned out and is counting on the most amazing “say yes to the most expensive dress” moment. I tell her all the time it’s never that good. Be grateful for simple. It makes me so frustrated that our culture has turned to this kind of extravagance. Fancy dances with expensive dresses for 8th grade graduation. Getting hair and nails done for First Communion. Prom posals. Trophies and ceremonies for kindergarten. ENOUGH! It’s creating a false reality and so much discontent and greed and egotism, etc. You’re exactly right!! What is left to look forward to?! I’m so happy your daughter had fun and you were able to see her before the dance. I know plenty of kids who had to go see their parents at work so they could see them dressed up. I was one of them! You’re not alone and it is what it is. It probably added adventure to her evening and created a sense of excitement for her. Your tears showed her all your love and that’s all she needed!


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