Good Day/Bad Day Kind Of Day

The other day was a mixed bag of good news mixed in with bad news. On the good news front I got a call from the person who does the billing at my lawyer’s office. I finally sent off my retainer for my expert witness who will hopefully nail CF’s ass to the cross.

She was letting me know his office had received a check for $3500 but that the initial retainer was only $1400. Now, I could have sworn the $3500 figure was quoted to me somewhere so that’s what I sent. Anyway, that was a bit of good news because I was thinking the initial retainer was $3500 and it could climb from there. Hopefully… although that’s never been my strong suit, that $3500 will cover it all.

Now for the bad news. Upon arriving home I scanned through my email, hoping for a reply from my lawyer since Cousinfucker has decided he doesn’t need to pay his court ordered spousal and child support.

Yep, I texted him at the beginning of the month. I was very civil. Hey, Jackass! I didn’t say anything last month because you sent the back support for February, but you haven’t paid support this month and it is due on the 1st. You also haven’t paid last month’s since the check very clearly said it was for February’s back support. And you still owe back support for March and April. You are now four months behind. Please do not get into the habit of spending all your money on Harley and her hooligans. It is not all yours. $3600 of it is mine and your children’s. Okay, that’s not completely what I said but it was pretty close. Naturally, his response was silence. I suppose that’s better than calling me a lazy, classless bitch who is living off of him despite the college education he paid for in his fantasies, and who should be thankful for the great life I lead thanks to him.

No reply about his noncompliance; however, her assistant did let me know that our court date needed to be moved. Apparently, another case has taken precedent over ours. So I now have 4 lovely choices for a divorce date because CF sure as hell isn’t going to settle. The first option is only a week after the original date. The second one would be 3 weeks later than the original date and the last two go into November. I swear, I am never going to be divorced from this fuckwit! Seriously- ten years from now I will still be writing this damn blog and talking about how my court date was moved.

Meanwhile, he lives it up with Harley and her spawn and I have to remain celibate in order to collect spousal support. I’m going to die…

Update: It’s another good news/bad news kinda deal. I received a support check finally. That was the good news. Actually I would call that lukewarm news. Cousinfucker is supposed to send them monthly. Here’s the bad news: He wrote the check for some random figure he’s made up in his fucked up head. It wasn’t even a fourth of what he’s been court ordered to pay me. It wasn’t even half of what he offered to pay me!

I’m so sick of him and his shit. As I said to my lawyer when I emailed her with the news: I didn’t realize you got to set your own support amount. But you know what? I’m not going to let that bother me. I’m turning it over to my lawyer and pressing for another show cause hearing. You know why? Because I’m heading to see the mobster tomorrow; otherwise I’d be heading down to Cousinfucker’s and kicking the shit out him.

5 thoughts on “Good Day/Bad Day Kind Of Day

  1. Don’t take his shit! And get on your lawyer to light a fire umder his worthless ass. He’s gotten away with murder long enough. He has no respect for the court orders.


      1. I’m starting to wonder about this lawyer – but of course I know family court is crazy been there have the t-shirt yes they wanted to give my ex and overnight supervised by his mother when my lawyer complained that his mother had just filed a DVP against him less than six months ago they gave him two overnights – no I’m not kidding

        I just don’t understand why he hasn’t been punished for not following the court order – like wtf


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