Another Check

I have had an outstanding weekend so far. Picasso and I met up with some friends from our former former state. E and I met because our sons were buddies. She’s from the Midwest and was back visiting family. We met up, had lunch, walked around a mall, let the boys hang out and chatted. At one point we decided to go for it and walked into the mall massage place to get one hour massages. It felt wonderful until the end when my guy decided he was going to get those knots out of my back come Hell or high water.  Lots of laughs were had and it was great catching up.

While I was there my mom called to let me know I received a check from CF. Hey- let’s give him points for actually being on time. But once again it was for his ridiculously low amount of $555.55. Can you believe this shit? So I let my lawyer know that I once again received insufficient child support.

I’ve debated sending him a text:

Hey CF! I know you’re the smartest man alive, so fucking smart you could be a member of Mensa, so I’m not sure why it is that you’re having such a hard time understanding that you owe me $3600/month. Or how it is that you think $3600 and $555.55 are the same amounts. They are not. You need to come up with another $3045.45. If you are having trouble meeting your financial obligation to your children and your WIFE then perhaps you should consider getting a second job. I’ve been working two jobs since December. I find it so fulfilling and I think you will, too. Sure, you won’t have as much time and energy for Harley and her hooligans but that’s okay. Your actual children and I are your primary obligation so hop to it, little bunny!

Perhaps the problem is, despite all your book smarts, you somehow think that $555.55 is actually GREATER than $3600. Again, that is not correct. It is far, far less than the $3600 you owe me. However, should you ever decide to pay me $3700 one month (or even $3655.55) I won’t complain because that IS more than $3600 and paying me ABOVE what you’re ordered is fine with me.

I’m sure you’ll disregard this just like you’ve disregarded every other thing that is unpleasant so I will just say this: See you in court soon! Have fun explaining to the judge why you don’t need to follow his court orders. Make sure you let him know you believe your first obligation is to Harley and her four kids and you give me and the kids everything that’s left over. I’m sure he’ll understand. Good luck!

13 thoughts on “Another Check

  1. I’ve been wondering, how is Harley a cousin to CF? Are we talking first cousins, as in one of his aunts/uncles daughters?

    It’s so aggravating not know how much child support will come (much less come). It’s like, can there be one consistent and logical thing these bastards can do.


    1. I was just being nosy about the cousin relationship, you don’t have to answer. Nosy, because we have a similar situation in my family and that duo is ostracized (as I feel such a couple should be).
      About his weird child support amount. Let me take a guess using the “logic” that my narcissistic husband and his whore would use. Since the amount is a weird number, I would say that CF and Harley have come up with some “fair” formula that takes in consideration some arbitrary amount that includes the upkeep of her heathens, their vices, and some other nonsense. It’s what arrogant cheaters do. They think they are above the law. No one else can tell them what to do or what is “fair.” And, I am sure when they go over their formula they are convinced the judge and everyone else would agree with them, if only others would listen.

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    2. No, it’s fine. I believe she and CF are either second cousins or first cousins once removed. I’m not sure how their moms were cousins but I know they were. I’m pretty sure of their grandparents were siblings. Plus, his mom was adopted which is why he insists she isn’t “really” his cousin. She is.


  2. This is how I’m paid as well. Much less. It’s exhausting. I think that’s the point. They want to wear us down so we let them get away with it OR they think if they pay something they can’t get prosecuted. So exhausting!

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    1. That’s good to know. I’m not sure he’s hip enough to know that but it does make sense. I’m going to 55555 him when I yank his ass back to court and have him thrown in jail.


      1. If he sputters about not being able to work and thus, not be able to pay support, because he’d be in jail, someone can remind him that there are Weekend Inmates… so they can work and still be in jail. 😛 My bio father challenged court orders one time too many and was sentenced to weekend jail until the arrears were paid in full. Miraculously, he was able to pay the entire amount on the Friday before what would have been only the *second* weekend. HAHA!


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