CF Comes Through… Sorta

My daughter is off visiting friends in another state. My daughter is a walking disaster. Put her up on a four inch wide beam three feet in the air and she can work her magic. Put her on the ground and she can’t walk without tripping over her own feet.  I got a frantic call from her, followed by text messages from her friends, letting me know she thought she had broken her arm.

Oh, it gets better. Not only did she think she broke her arm, but she had been riding in a golf cart which went into a ditch, throwing her out of it. The final injury tally? Another broken nose, facial lacerations, a possible broken bone in her hand, a sprained wrist and a concussion. Plus, she hit so hard her contacts were knocked out of her eyes and we now need to order new ones for her.

Being the good mom I am and the good future ex-wife I must be until after the divorce is final I text CF to let him know our daughter had been injured. That’s the right thing to do, right?

Funny story here. I asked the mobster his opinion because I really didn’t want to and I figured he would tell me I should tell him. Instead he replied, “Nope. It ain’t life threatening.” He said later he was being a smart ass but I was completely surprised. As I said, I figured he would definitely vote for tell.

As you can imagine my mom was firmly in the camp of, “Why in the hell did you need to tell him?”

So I told him. A little more than 30 minutes later he finally texted back to express his concerns, to ask that I keep him updated and to repeatedly thank me for letting him know. Yes, because I am such a monster I would just let a kid die and not bother to tell him. I told him that I would update him on whether or not she needed surgery on the nose or wrist but that I wouldn’t know anything until next week.

At the time I didn’t know about the concussion so today I had the pleasure of contacting him again to update him. This time he replied pretty quickly. Of course, today he’s at work (unless he’s been forced to resign again) and the other day was a holiday so I’m sure he had to consult with Harley to see if he should reply and if so, what he should say.

Yes, her uncle and grandfather/my stepmom both texted sooner in reply than her own father did but he did somewhat come through for her. I don’t think he’s contacted her directly although I haven’t asked either.

Now if I could just get the sonofabitch to pay his actual court ordered support….

8 thoughts on “CF Comes Through… Sorta

  1. That’s not coming through… that’s maintaining an image for the sake of documentation. He’s writing what needs to be seen for a later date. “See? I am a concerned father.”

    At best? He’s throwing a bitch cookie.

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    1. I did say sorta. LOL. Honestly, I was shocked that he even replied to me. But you are probably right.

      When I texted he probably discussed it with Harley and they decided him responding would be the best course of action.


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