I Had a Dream

Remember when I shared with you that I was once again dreaming, I just couldn’t remember the dreams? That’s changed.

I remember my dream from last night. Of course, it was more a nightmare but I suppose I’ll consider this more progress.

What did I dream about, you wonder? CF and Harley, of course! In my dream Rock Star tells me that her dad has been texting her and telling her that he and Harley are eager to get married. I’m thinking this is good because maybe he’ll settle with me so the divorce will be over and he can marry the whore. Rock Star goes on to tell me that they want both of my kids there and they are planning on getting married on or around our anniversary. I’m a little cloudy on that but I know it was definitely around the same time. Finally, she tells me that Harley has been texting her. At this point I’m furious and lose my shit, declaring that there is no way on God’s green earth that that bitch is going to be texting either of my kids!

And that’s pretty much when I woke up.

In other CF news I got yet another check for $555.55 from him. Way to go, CF! You’re only about $1500 behind now…. for a single month of payments.


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