Two Years Ago…

Oh Facebook, thanks for the memories. Two years ago today my beautiful pool was finally finished and filled with water. I put a picture of Rock Star and Picasso, standing in the pool with their arms around each other, up on Facebook to commemorate the occasion. It’s a bittersweet memory.

On one hand it’s just a thing. I didn’t have it long enough to really enjoy it. And most of the time my mind was racing and my stomach was in knots because of the way CF was acting. On the other hand I wanted a pool for a very long time. I was overjoyed at the realization that I would finally have a pool in my backyard after years and years of begging for one.

I lovingly helped design that pool. I had four pool jets put in, and a bench and steps. There were solar lights installed in the concrete which would illuminate the concrete at night. There were lights in the pool that could change color. It was gorgeous.

I looked forward to family and friends coming and hanging out around my pool. I imagined my kids having friends over all summer. I daydreamed about going skinny dipping in my pool late at night. I was so happy that I finally had my pool.

I spent almost an entire summer trying to be Zen about how long it was taking for my pool to be constructed. It was supposed to take 3 weeks. It ended up taking 10. The first day of construction we discovered the Call Before You Dig guy didn’t do his job and so the guy digging the hole ended up cutting through a power line. We had no electricity and what seemed like the entire power company over in my backyard to get things back on track. Then we encountered boulders that would end up costing another $11k to get removed so that we could have a 6 foot deep pool. That took another week or two. Then we had people go on vacation. The die maker exploded so they couldn’t pour the concrete when they were planning. It rained. Everything that could go wrong seemed to, and yet I was patient and kept telling myself that even though this was taking so much longer than planned that at least once it was finally in we would enjoy it for years and years.

HA! More like days.

Yet even that was a blessing. If it had been finished on time all that money would have been paid out to the contractor instead of being squirreled away in my account. The kids and I would have been financially destitute if that pool had been finished on time because there would have been nothing left over and he didn’t give a damn if we ate or not. That pool that took forever saved our lives. If I hadn’t had that money to live on after he betrayed us I don’t know what we would have done.

Fortunately for me, the mobster loves having a pool and misses his own pool that he had for 17 years. So… there may be another pool in my future. One with a much better ending attached to it.


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