An Ending of Sorts

Today was my last day at Target. It was sort of bittersweet. On one hand I am so overjoyed at the thought of actually having weekends off and no longer needing to set my alarm for 3:20 am. On the other hand this is the first outside job I was offered in 18 years.

Sure, they probably aren’t that picky when it comes to hiring people. It was Christmas time. I have good hygiene. I’m somewhat articulate and educated. It’s not like they were hiring a district manager or anything. They hired me to stock shelves.

Nonetheless I am grateful to them for giving me a chance. When no one else would hire me… when I was at my lowest point… they hired me and gave me a chance to at least pay my bills.

It also felt good having so many people wish me well and tell me they were sad I was leaving. I know I was just unloading a truck and stocking shelves but people appreciated the fact that I showed up and was a hard worker. They wanted me to stay and were disappointed I was leaving.

I’m thankful, too, because Target is where I met one of my first new friends, someone who had gone through infidelity and divorce herself. We compared stories. Spoiler alert: She declared me the winner. She thought she had a shot at the Jerry Springer Freakshow award until she heard my story. She gets how incredibly hard this has been. As she told her daughter: My story is even keeled. It’s always stayed at one level. Sam started out at the top and ended up on the bottom. She lived in a $365,000 house and had just put a $57,000 pool in her backyard when her world collapsed. She’s been up and down and up and down. She’s still being jerked around by her STBX. This second job at Target gives me extra money that I can use to enjoy myself, pay for extras and spoil you and your brother. For Sam, this second job at Target helps her to buy food and necessities for her kids. Thank you for that. It’s nice when people get it.

We text occasionally outside of work and we frequently go to breakfast after work on the weekends. When I was looking for a second job she offered to get me hired on cleaning offices. She’s really sad I’m leaving but I know our friendship will last beyond the borders of the big red bullseye.

In other news, not quite as uplifting but a blessing nevertheless, I suppose… I received a letter from the high school letting me know my daughter is automatically waived onto the free lunches, breakfasts and textbooks because she receives Medicaid. So hooray for not having to pay fees. At the same time I’m extremely embarrassed to be needing state aid but trying to get over it.

The end!

11 thoughts on “An Ending of Sorts

  1. Sam, your taxes pay for those lunches. Her father should be ashamed, not you! I will make sure I buy something at Target for giving you a job.
    I thought i read all your posts. How did the mobster get his title!!??!


      1. I’m worried that your relationship is happening too quickly after the last. And if his side of the story is exactly that, his side. But of course, I am most certainly projecting.


      2. I sometimes worry about that on his end but not on mine. I’ve been alone for almost 2 years and I was fine being alone. I expected to be alone. Had no desire to date. But this guy, wow- he has hit me like a ton of bricks. He’s amazing.

        I don’t doubt his story either. I’ve read his side, which he started telling long before I ever entered the picture. There’s no way he could talk to me as much as he does if he were still living with her.

        I suppose everything he’s written and told me could be his version, just like in CF’s version we hadn’t had sex in ten years and I hated him and wished him ill and threw away all of his things and ordered him out of the house… but then again everything I’ve written could just be *my* version, too, and maybe CF is the one telling the truth and I really am as horrible as he says. So, I choose to trust him, based on everything I know.


  2. My husband left in early October and paying for the children’s lunches was overwhelming. I began to open my email because there would be a notice from “My School Bucks,” telling me that their balances were getting low. By the beginning of December, it dawned on me that I could apply for free lunch. It was easy because I was able to do it online. I didn’t have to see anyone or shamefully send the application in with my child/grandchildren. It was approved right away and it was a tremendous relief. Then my 12th grader was squirreling away every little penny she had gotten from relatives for her birthday to pay for prom, senior trip, senior breakfast etc., and imagine her surprise when she went to pay for it and her price was ¼ of the total because she was on the free lunch program. None of the children is on Medicaid, yet because the pendente lite ordered that the husband keep everything as it is until the divorce. Afterwards, the oldest will remain on his insurance but the grandchildren and I will be on Medicaid until we move and I find full time employment. Cheaters have no shame. And they will be some of the biggest taxpaying whiners crying about the government playing nanny when they are the orchestrator of their children needing government funding. I’m already dreading the new school year. It hasn’t started yet but I’m sure I will have to reapply for free lunch. I don’t think it just rolls over.


    1. It typically doesn’t. In my state anyone on Medicaid, food stamps or TANF is automatically enrolled. Last year I had to apply.

      Technically we should probably all be on his new insurance but we’re not.


    1. He really should be but he’s not. So I’m the one left having to present a Medicaid card every time my kids go to the doctor. I’m the one applying for free lunches and free textbooks and hearing that my daughter gets to take her SATs for free because she’s on free lunches. He escapes all of that. And the reality is we SHOULD be on his medical insurance. We’re not divorced yet. But I’m sure that would just be more of a bother than anything, although I guess I could make him keep the kids on his insurance even after the divorce and then only I would be left with crappy insurance.


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