The Name Game

Am I the only one who hates this new trend of using people’s names during business transactions?

My employer loves using the customer’s name. I hate it. I feel it’s pretentious . How do I know if Matthew Smith wants to be called Matthew or Matt? Or maybe he goes by his middle name, James, and no one ever calls him a variation of Matthew except people instructed to use the customer’s name.

I’ve actually had people tell that. “I always know I’m at a bank when someone calls me Mary. No one else ever calls me that. Everyone calls me Sophie.”

Generally, if they’re older I’ll just use their last name, but I don’t like that either.

Don’t even get me started on fast food places taking your name! I was fine with being Order #59. There is no need for them to know my name. Just give me my damn Whopper and let’s move on!

I have a confession to make. I lie 99% of the time when they ask for a name. Well, technically, it’s not a lie. They ask for a name for the order. They don’t ask me for my name. So I’ve been Holly, Molly, and Jackie.

I really need to stick with one, though; otherwise I get tripped up when someone is calling out, “Molly, your order is read.” I’m sitting back, reading my book, thinking, “Geesh, Molly, where the hell are you? They’ve been calling your name for 5 minutes now and the store isn’t that big! You’d better get your order; that shit’s getting cold.” Then I realize I’m Molly. Oops!

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s great when you have a real relationship with your customers and call them by name. If I ate at the same restaurant, banked at the same bank, or shopped at the same stores on a regular basis for years then sure- by all means ask me about myself and feel free to use my name. Using names before that relationship has had time to build is just forcing it and I don’t like it. I’m perfectly fine being simply a customer.

5 thoughts on “The Name Game

  1. Your should try to be silly and say your name is Veronica with a “P”. Especially if they’re writing your name down like at Starbucks. Haha. I’d love to hear them say that back. Uh…Ummm…Puh-Veronica. I’d pee my pants laughing.

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  2. I always give a bullshit name as well. Why does Chik-fil-A need to know my name, or the Jiffy Lube? I’ll answer just as readily to “Blue Mazda” or Order #523. Sometimes I actually want to be just a number. I like flying under the radar. I just want to take care of business and leave. All this fake friendery is very social media-like. Instant familiarity that is unearned and unappreciated. Stores this do this probably had their training manuals written by a narcissist.

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