That Cousinfucking Sonofabitch!

Remember when I told you that CF has been sending me checks for $555.55 at random moments? He just sent his 7th one this past week.

I procrastinate; I admit it. Going through mail is not one of my favorite things but apparently when you’re married to a fucking fucktard you need to do that more often. It turns out I had not one, but two, of his checks returned and my account charged $10 each time. Oh, and get this. It wasn’t because there were insufficient funds in the account. No! They were returned because he stopped the fucking payment on them!

Is there any fucking justice in the world? I have tried so hard to be a grown up and to not do anything crazy but he is testing my patience. I haven’t bothered with calling the company that manages his 401k and reporting him because what does it gain? As people have pointed out the whore isn’t married to him so she can’t claim a damn thing if he dies before the divorce. I’ll tell you what it gains. It gives me a set of balls. It tells him and the whore both that you don’t mess around with Sam because she will fuck you over in a heartbeat if you mess with her.

I didn’t toss his ass out of the house after finding out about his whoring around. I didn’t toss his shit out onto the lawn. I didn’t vandalize his car or put up signs so everyone would know what a lying, cheating piece of shit he was. And what did it gain me? It gained me a reputation as a pussy. Oh don’t worry. Sam won’t do anything. She’ll always be reasonable. She’ll always be calm.

Fuck that! Maybe I need to go nuclear. Maybe they need to start thinking I am crazy. Holy shit! Don’t fuck with Sam. You don’t know what that crazy bitch will do next!

If I knew I would be vindicated in court I could keep my shit together a hell of a lot better. But I have no faith whatsoever that that will happen. He’ll just get to keep fucking me over. I hate him.

Shitty beginning to the weekend. Shitty ending.

8 thoughts on “That Cousinfucking Sonofabitch!

  1. You make sure you take that shit into court so the judge sees that he’s not making an effort at all to pay this. That should help open the jail doors.


    1. I would love to believe that all the shitty things he’s done are going to come back and bite him in the ass but I have absolutely no faith that that will happen with this judge.


      1. I know. Judges are the biggest loose cannons. No predicting what they are going to do from time to time. They are so infuriatingly inconsistent. My ex’s lawyer would constantly put us at the end of the morning docket. The judge’s blood sugar would plummet and He’d be a complete asshole to me.


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