I Don’t Look Good In Orange

The saga of the checks continues on. I got another one today. That makes it #8. Or, #6 if you subtract the two where Cousinfucker STOPPED PAYMENT on them.

So…. I had pretty much decided to take the next checks I got to his bank and cash them there. Only a funny thing happened. I noticed that this was not yet another envelope from his company. (Yes, he’s been using company envelopes to send his checks so I wouldn’t have his address even though they’re on the damn checks!) No, there was a new return address which was strange in and of itself because he has spent most of his time going out of his way to not let me know his address.

My mom ended up googling the address. Turns out Cousinfucker and the whore have moved into a beautiful 2800 sq. ft. brick home in a new city. It’s listed for $286,000 and has a rental price of $1800/month.

This is the same cousinfucker that is supposedly so broke he can’t pay his court ordered $3600/month. And yet he and the whore and her fucking hooligans can suddenly up and move into a new house. Must be nice to be a lying, cheating sack of shit with absolutely no conscience.

We all know, don’t we, that come the day of the divorce trial he’s going to be arguing that he can’t possibly be expected to pay any kind of spousal or child support. He’s got this new family to support! He’s got bills! He’s got a new house payment (although I’m fairly certain they are renting and not buying) and it’s even more than the rent on the old house. Hell, I’ll probably find out he’s bought new cars for all of them. Why not? It’s not like he has any actual bills to pay!

To add insult to this shit sundae I find out they have now opened up a new joint checking account. So now I won’t be able to verify that he has the funds or hasn’t stopped payment on the checks he has written.

The mobster has been a great source of comfort and sanity. “He’s just trying to push your buttons, cutie,” he tells me over and over. I tell myself, “You won’t look good in orange, Sam, and you can’t get your hair highlighted in prison.”

4 thoughts on “I Don’t Look Good In Orange

  1. Just when you think he can’t sink any lower he proves that he can. He’s the gift that just keeps giving until he decides to stop payment!

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  2. you need a bulldog lawyer – one that will hand his ass to him – find out who is connected that’s how it works – you find out which lawyer in town has an in with the judges and hire them – put it on a credit card get a new one if you have to – this is fucking bullshit. I don’t understand how a man can get away with not providing for his children – not that I agree but his wife yes plenty of male and female judges don’t have much sympathy for the wife – but the children??????????????????????? like wtaf????? he needs to pay and PAY out his fucking ass – he’s got them in a nice house while his own children have to live with grandma????? are you fucking kidding me?????????????????????????????? I seriously want to punch him for you numerous times

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