The Past & The Future

April 2015

Beautiful words from Elle. Not only beautiful but inspiring.

When you’ve reached a bad end, choose to make it a middle instead.

How often do we despair because of where we’ve “ended up”?  As in “I never thought I’d end up divorced.”  Or, “I never believed I’d end up the wife of a philanderer.”

The thing is, we haven’t “ended up”.  We’re here…sure.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is we don’t have to stay here.  “Here” isn’t where it ends.

Present Day Sam Says: Although this was a Blast From the Past and obviously concerned adultery, I think it applies to life after the discovery, and after your life has been blown to smithereens. It’s what keeps me going some days- this thought that here isn’t where I’ll be forever. That eventually I’ll be somewhere better and more stable. I’ll be able to stand on my own two feet.


2 thoughts on “The Past & The Future

  1. I try to remind myself every good story has a part where it looks like the hero won’t make it. Its the “overcoming” that makes the happy ending so satisfying. Some times that works – sometimes its just sheer stubborn refusal to be beaten down that keeps me going. Either way, every day is one more day accomplished.

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