Stupid Memories That Shouldn’t Ever Be Remembered Again


May 2015

Today marks the 21st anniversary of Zack and I first connecting.  It was the day of J’s wedding shower that I was throwing for her at our favorite restaurant and I had retrieved the messages from my voicemail.  I think he was one of 3.  I called and left a message and when he called back I asked him where he had been since in his message he said he was always home.  We talked for quite some time and then I had to go to the shower.  I called him again that evening and we talked for hours and then we met for lunch the next day.  Engaged shortly thereafter.  Let’s see.  May 2nd would have been Monday and on May 7th he asked me to marry him.

Hmmm…. and to think 19 years later, almost to the day, he would be bragging to his nephew about how he was going to marry Harley.  May must be a good month for him.  It’s a little unsettling thinking about how their “anniversary” is right around the same time as mine. Grrr!

But you know what?  I’m not going to pay attention to that.  This is our story.  Not theirs. In the end our story ended with a wedding and 21 years of being together.  Their story ended with him dumping her ass.

Present Day Sam Says: Turns out our story ended up with a divorce that is going to take 2 years to finalize and their story ended up with an engagement ring, tons of marital funds going to her and her kids, and more than likely a marriage the day our divorce is final.


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