Smile & Wave, Boys

July 2015

We finally made it home! 30 hours and 45 minutes on the road.  All went well at the in-law’s.  Feels like I’m putting the past behind me.

Came home to a house that smelled to high heaven.  The dogs have been peeing and pooping everywhere! So, I spent a good 3 hours today shampooing carpets.  I hope that helps.  I ended up blowing a fuse and it won’t flip back on so Zack may need to change that.  Rock Star mowed the front yard today because it hadn’t been mowed in over 3 weeks- since I mowed it last which was probably May 24th or so.  And, he hadn’t taken out the garbage the entire time we had been gone so I set out 10 bags today. Oh, plus I had asked him to restore 2 events on my DVR.  He restored the wrong 2 episodes of Scorpion and didn’t restore the Castle episode at all. Needless to say it was not a very nice homecoming.

The concrete workers came out today.  I was all excited thinking they were finally going to be starting on that.  No.  No such luck.  He is going on vacation on Friday and won’t be starting until the 13th. He said it would take about a week to get everything poured.  Lovely! And I still need to get the electrical done AND an inspector needs to come out and sign off on an inspection.  On the positive side, if it can even be called that, Zack informed me that he’s probably not going to go to Florida so someone will be here to pay everyone if the pool is completed while we’re in Florida.

I still need to call to get the hole in my ceiling fixed and the guy from the repair center to get my water filter fixed.  I have to say, I don’t think I will ever leave for an extended vacation again.  Quite honestly I’m a little hesitant to leave for another week.

Now I get to tell my mom that the pool may not be done when we get back after all. I am now crossing my fingers that we get to swim in the damn thing this summer!

Present Day Sam Says:  There are so many things wrong with this.  Let’s start with the obvious: He hadn’t taken out the trash in 3 weeks!  He hadn’t shampooed the carpets after the dogs had peed and pooped (they are used to being let out whenever they need to go because I am home all day with them).  He didn’t mow the yard in the entire 3 weeks we were gone!  It is very clear now that he had completely checked out by then.  He wasn’t doing anything for us.

Secondly, Tammy Faye was the one who urged Harley to call my husband because he had the sadz. This means that while I’m telling myself the visit went well and I’m ready to put the past behind me that conniving bitch more than likely knew that her son was fucking around with that whore again. She had me in her home and acted like nothing was amiss and the whole time she knows. She knows he’s fucking around again. She knows he’s planning on leaving me. The cruelty still manages to astound me.

I also remember trying to remain Zen about the whole pool thing.  I kept telling myself that once it was in I would have it for many more years to come. Yeah, I somewhat enjoyed it for about 6 days. So not worth it. Sometimes trying to look at the bigger picture and being all Zen just blows up in your face.

8 thoughts on “Smile & Wave, Boys

  1. I can’t help but wonder if he actually went somewhere with her or something while you were gone? I mean who could live like that?


    1. The Saint said something about her wanting to take their kids out of state to my then state and he refused to let her. So… he said she asked some relatives if they would watch the kids. It’s very possible the whore was in my home, fucking my husband in my bed while the kids and I were gone, but I have no proof. You would also think that would mean he would actually clean the place up!

      Then again when they went to take things back to their whore love nest they deliberately trashed my wedding trash, so maybe they deliberately trashed the house as well.


  2. Oh Sam I want to find him and kick his ass just for leaving you that to come home to. Because I’ve come home to about the same. What were we thinking?


    1. We were thinking we wanted things to work out. We were thinking we shouldn’t rock the boat. It’s sad, isn’t it, how little we valued ourselves in order to stay in marriages that simply weren’t worth it.


  3. Ufff this was a hard postXO…
    How you could come home to such a scene of (frankly, decay) and be able to not only keep yourself from a good and proper meltdown but actually do the cleanup is admirable to me. That’s self control I can’t even lie or pretend to have👹. Holy Mother of God. He got away with so much shit (literally and figuratively). My jaw is on the floor.
    He never deserved youXO


    1. It’s what I did, Sophia. I stuffed it all down in order to get along. We never fought. I never showed any anger, or rarely showed any anger.

      I guess I figured at the time that this was just the price I paid for being gone.

      But thank you! It’s been illuminating to see these responses and have people say, “WTF?” So much of this was normal to me. It’s only in talking about it that I can see that it wasn’t normal at all.


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